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LE1F Does Work

To preemptively answer your question: I am indeed a bit self-conscious about linking to Pitchfork in two successive posts, but it needed to be done. Wesleyan alum Khalif Diouf ’11, aka LE1F, produced a Spank Rock track that was recently BNM’d by the illustrious reviewing site. He’s in remarkable company, too; NoLa bounce luminary Big Freedia (click here to get back to basics) lends her superhype vocals to the energetic raunchfest, and they complement Diouf’s beat to frenzied effect. It’s a raw grind, and y’all would be well advised to check it out:

02 Nasty feat. Big Freedia & Tyette by The FADER

Here’s wishing LE1F all the best.  With any luck, we’ll hear much more of him in the near future.


Sup, Tuesday night?

That’s right kids, the rumors are true: LE1F, YOU RIGHT, MIAMI HEAT, and LEMONPUSSY are coming to Wesleyan! The show is next Tuesday, April 12 at 10:00 PM at Eclectic. Come out and blow off some steam with the seniors as they celebrate the end of thesis season.

Come out and send winter away with a Bang! Bring in the spring with what promises to be one of the biggest events of the year!