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Students Enjoy Fall Foliage on Foss!

The weather is really nice today! The sun is out, the air is not too cool, and it’s not raining/sleeting/hailing/raining fire from the sky! Also there’s lots of pretty leaves turning colors on the trees!

Foss is full of jubilant undergrads playing sports, doing homework, partaking in ~activites~, and just hanging out enjoying this beautiful day!

Come outside and enjoy the beautiful day! And if you have any nice fall photos, send them our way at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org!

Fall Foliage

So you all have probably noticed the changing foliage around campus. Possibly upon arrival to Wes today from break you were so bewildered by the rapid appearance of fall that the crunching of the leaves didn’t bother you as much as normal. Whatever the circumstances that brought about the realization, your friends at Wesleying are here to report to you that indeed, fall has arrived!

As Alex Ray ’13 phrased it in a colorful text message earlier today: “The long dick of Autumn has jizzed all over the face, hair and lower back of campus.” Enjoy the beautiful pictures of the changing leaves! (Not pictured: long dick of Autumn.) Keep up the competitive academic dynamic of Wes and try to see how many places you can identify.

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