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Leg Energy Get It Together

Austen Fiora ’12 is a total bro. I don’t see any of you guys sending in images titled “bikesonfire.jpg”:

Shaky brakes? Stiff headset? Flat tire? Stop by LEGIT, the free bike Co√∂p, every Monday from 3-5 for repairs, tune-ups, and spare parts. We’ll even build you a bike [Ed. note: !!!] for a $50. You can find us under the Hi-Rise overhang, rain or shine. Get into it.

LEGIT Will Help You Help Your Bike

Angus McCullough ’10 says:

Want to get your bike tuned up for free? Want to a buy a bike for cheap? Want to learn how to do both of these things?

Come and talk to LEGIT, the resident bike mechanic cooperative on campus. We’ll be holding hours this weekend and next to get your two wheels in tip top shape.

LEGIT is usually turning wrenches and spinning wheels outside Hi-Rise on Fridays and Saturdays from 1-4 PM. Today, though, their hours will be from 2:30 – 4. Who knows why. Hipsters are such flakes. Great mustaches, though.

Date: Fridays and Saturdays
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Place: Outside Hi-Rise

LEGIT bike co-op wants you


Hey. Yeah, kid, you. See anyone else on this lonely streetcorner? Don’t worry, I’m not gonna try to sell you anything. How’d you like to be a BIKE MECHANIC?

LEGIT, the wesleyan bike co-op/greasemonkey corner, wants YOU. Don’t know a freewheel from a hex wrench? No frickin problem. No experience required. (but hey, if you have some, what are you waiting for?)¬†Apparently I am supposed to say something about the cool kids, but the cool kids sound intimidating, (which bikes ARE NOT OR SHOULD NOT BE)… How does “the winning team” sound? You could be on it.

Accruing oodles of favors and good karma for making other peoples lives easier, less annoyingly filled with creaky chain noises, and generally faster, getting super familiar with words like CRANKSET and THREADED HEADSET and SPOKE NIPPLE….

if this sounds like you, email contacts are amccullough, rphukan and jrovinelli @ wes. (I’d email all three.)

LEGIT: Bikes for Sale

Angus McCullough ’10 wants to sell you a bicycle:

Need a bike? Got a broken one? Want to be as cool as this guy? Well, LEGIT can help you out.

On Saturday from 11-3, we’ll be set up outside of Usdan to sell, fix, tune and adjust bikes for little money and with lots of love. Our going rate for a sick, slick, campus bike? $50. You want a classic cruiser? $50. Rocket bike? well, prices vary…

Any repair is FREE, except the cost of parts, most of which are rebuilt and FREE. And you can always come by the LEGIT bike room on Friday afternoons (located right outside the HiRise door) Or, set up an appointment.

Contact Angus (amcullough(at)wesleyan(dot)edu), Rishabh, (rphukan(at)wesleyan(dot)edu), or Miles (mbukiet(at)wesleyan(dot)edu).

Date: Saturday 4/28, or every Friday
11-3, or Friday afternoons
Location: Outside Usdan, or Hirise