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Let’s Talk About Sex

Open House, WesWell, Rho Ep, Womanist House, Salt-N-Pepa (in absentia), and Izzy Rode ’14 invite you to talk about all the good things and the bad things: 

Many Wesleyan students have sex.
Many don’t.
Some think about sex all the time.
Some experiment with sex.
Some just wanna cuddle.
Some have queer sex.
Some feel they aren’t having enough sex.
Some feel they have too much.
Some people just have no clue what to think about sex anymore.

Come and talk about sex and sexuality at Wesleyan in an open discussion featuring Tanya Purdy of WesWell.

Sponsored by Open House, Womanist House, Rho Epsilon Pi, and WesWell.

Date: Tuesday, November 13
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Place: PAC 004
Cost: Free