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Wednesday Night Football

New school year, new opportunity to discuss queer/questioning issues in a safe, confidential space. Actually on Wednesday nights, not actually football:

Wondering about your sexuality? Nervous about coming out to your parents? Feeling frustrated with the queer scene at Wes? Do you just want a relaxed and confidential place to talk?

Wednesday Night Football a great place for queer and questioning students to talk about whatever is on their minds.

We meet every Wednesday from 9-10 pm in the QRC (upstairs in 190 High). For more information, contact aeschwartz(at)wesleyan(dot)edu, or just show up!

Date: Wednesday, September 21 (and every Wednesday)
Time: 9 – 10 pm
Place: QRC (upstairs in 190 High Street)

Of Wes, the NY Times, and “The Hiccupping Fluidity of the Family in the Modern World”

Today’s NYT-Wesleyan connection (okay, fine, this article appeared in yesterday’s paper) is the first in “an occasional series profiling individual New York families.” Its subject, you may have gathered, is not the traditional American family.

Meet Caroline Einhorn ’84, a nonprofit fund-raiser, formerly a singer and songwriter, presently a 48-year-old single mother in Brooklyn whose 18-month-old son, Griffin, was conceived in 2008 via in vitro fertilization. The sperm donor and part-time babysitter but not-quite-father is George Russel ’83, a good friend and chiropractor whom Einhorn met after graduating from Wesleyan, where he majored in Dance and COL. Add to the mix David, Russel’s domestic partner of a few years, and you’ve got an overview of this family’s dizzying, and exciting, experiment beyond the boundaries of the conventional nuclear family:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights, Mr. Russell stays in the spare room of Ms. Einhorn’s apartment. The other three days he lives on President Street with his domestic partner, David Nimmons, 54, an administrator at a nonprofit. Most Sundays, they all have dinner together.

Queer Art is Back and Hungry

The somewhat nameless queer art magazine that was published twice last year (covers below) is back and ready for action. This time, featuring YOUR work.

We are up and running and hungry for your submissions. We’ll publish at least one piece from every person who submits (within reason), promise. Things we accept include: poetry, prose, short fiction (under 5 pages), comics, photos, ideas for a real name for this publication, sheet music, collages, coloring book pages, doodles, drawings, anything that can be reproduced in 2-D black and white. So submit your work, whether you identify with the endless acronym (LGBTTQQAIFGPBDSM) or if your art’s just real fucking queer, we don’t care. We want it.

Send submissions to: openhouselit [at] gmail [dot] com or wesbox 90027

Deadline: Apr 1

Call to Action: Queer Youth Assaulted At Javapalooza in Middletown

Queer Liberation Front recently received message from the mother of a gay 18-year-old in Middletown, CT. In late December, her son was physically and verbally assaulted at a local coffee shop by the owner and kicked out of the establishment.

We’re doing a direct action on Sunday January 30th @ 12PM where a group of at least 20 queers and allies will go into Javapalooza with rainbow flags, queer shirts, etc and all immediately buy coffee. We’d proceed to have a “teach-in”, a kind of ”know your rights” discussion, and at the end present the owner with a letter signed by all of us, demanding a public apology and a show of good will towards the queer/LGBT community. We are also contacting local bloggers and media for this event, using that to put pressure on the police to further investigate these allegations.

More information can be found here.

Date: Sunday, January 30th
Time: Noon 12PM
Place: Javapolooza Cafe at 330 Main Street
Facebook Event: Click here

Start Wearing Purple!

In memory of the ten publicly reported LGBT teen suicides of the last month (and many others of the more distant past), people across the country are wearing the color purple today in symbolic support of the queer community and its lost, taunted, abused, or otherwise mistreated souls.  It would undoubtedly mean a lot to those at this school who have been harassed about their sexualities, or who are still hiding in the protection of the closet, to see any amount of visible support from the queer and non-queer communities of Wesleyan.  So, if not for the unfortunate suicide victims, wear purple today for your friend, your classmate, your family member, your loved one, yourself, or an unknown queer soul whose day you’d like to brighten.

But maybe you need a more convincing argument?

Date: Today, October 20th
Place: Anywhere and everywhere