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Lightning Bolt Makes Noise, Blows Fuse, Makes More Noise

Brian + Brian + Eclectic = !!!!!

This wasn’t a dream. Lightning Bolt played at Wesleyan.

Late Friday night, following spirited sets by Wes bands The Parents and The Japanese, the infamous Providence-based noise duo took to the stage “guerrilla gig” pit in the corner of the room, dousing an electrified Eclectic audience in frenetic bursts of brutal power-noise so dense you could feel the reverberations in the pit of your stomach, sputtering like “a single span suspension bridge in a violent earthquake.” And all that racket from only two guys and one first name: Brian Gibson, wielding his detuned bass guitar through a dizzying array of pitch-shifting FX units, and sweat-drenched Brian Chippendale, launching frenzied warfare on a minimal drumset through a gruesome face-mask best described as something a “serial killer clown might wear” (link). (Chippendale also sings through a mouth-held telephone receiver, vocals like David Yow turned panicked kidnapping victim. Listen, listen.)

Amidst a sickening swirl of flickering strobe lights, moshing, and—at one point—a blown power fuse, this duo performed possibly the tightest, and unarguably the loudest, set I’ve heard at Wesleyan. Acclaimed albums Wonderful Rainbow and Hypermagic Mountain demand no less. If I’m late in throwing up this post, consider it a recovery period: three days for your ears to stop ringing.

Super-thanks to ZA ’13 and Eclectic for making this show a reality. Full image gallery after the jump.

Insanity Weekend: Lightning Bolt at Eclectic


Birthed out of Rhode Island School of Design sometime in the ’90s, Lightning Bolt consists of Brian on (cello-tuned) bass and Brian on drums. They play fast and furious noise [rock], and they play it loud – so loud I invested in some earplugs this morning (two for a buck at the Cardinal Technology Store!). I fully expect things to get real crazy real fast, though it remains to be seen if they will generate more sweat than Static Stamina did in Malcolm X House’s basement last night.

As for the opening acts,The Japanese, who are in the running for the busiest band on campus this year (also contenders: fall semester Almonds and Elephants, Grandfather last weekend), are sharing that role with raucous punk duo The Parents, who are filling in for raucous punk quartet Miami Heat. Be there. Instead of marking shots on your arm, have someone sharpie your forehead for every bruise/sprain/hairline fracture/sickening crunch you sustain. Spoilers: You’ll get a metric shit-ton.

Content from the opening acts, a color poster, and possibly more in the mysterious land beyond the jump…

Static Stamina Ends; Weekend of Insanity Begins

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We don’t really post Weekend Roundups anymore (why would we?–that’s what the event calendar’s for), but holy-god this weekend is nuuuuts:

If you don’t break any bones, you’re probably not paying attention.

But tonight’s Static Stamina show (at Malcolm X House, featuring ska-punkers Aaron Burr & the Hamiltones and Dink-583) is a little more poignant. Because I met some fellow wide-eyed frosh during freshman orientation, and they decided to start a band, and named it Static Stamina one aimless Friday night in the Butt C lounge, and soon I parted ways, but that band has spent the past four semesters injecting some hardcore energy into Wes’s music scene, treading a thin line between rock, hip hop, performance art, and sheer vulgarity, and it’s been a hell of a trip, and now, tonight, it’s all coming to an end (or indefinite hiatus, whatever). And that means farewell shows from Static Stamina and Wordsmith and Mad Wow all in the same week, and then Flora & Fauna mostly graduates after they play Spring Fling, and Bones Complex goes on hiatus, and The Japanese is taking a break (I think?) (that’s assuming they even survive opening for Lightning Bolt), and AARGGH WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO WESLEYAN’S STUDENT MUSIC  SCENE??

Right. More specific info about tonight’s show after the jump.

Wesleying Exclusive: Spring Concert Preview

Remember when Foss didn’t look like this?

Happy springtime at Wes! You know—almost. There’s still a week or two to go (apparently it’s in the 40s today); for now, make vicarious use of the above image, from Spring Fling (or, “Awesomerfest”) 2010.

Anyway: with names like Bear Hands, My Brightest Diamond, Dr. Dog, Duchampion, Superhuman Happiness, Bomb the Music Industry!, Caspian, Nat Baldwin, Flora and Fauna, Charles Lloyd, and The Band (sort of) on the record (for a combined ticket cost of, like, nothing), it’s been a good semester for shows.

It’s only getting better. Following is a list—obviously not exhaustive—of five spring concerts worth getting pumped for now. (I’ve particularly excluded as yet unconfirmed bookings, as well as Wes-based acts that, while undoubtedly excellent, play around campus every semester.) Click on for the list, and, as always, remember to scope out Aural Wes for excellent further coverage of the music scene at Wes.