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Kool A.D. Brought His Kid to Wesleyan and Performed and There Were Lots of Zines at the Concert

“My Liberal University Cemented My Loyalty to Show Ponies” – Zine title


It has been 5 years since Das Racist broke up. And it has been almost 2 months since Heems added Wesleying on LinkedIn (see screenshot), and only 22 days since he started working for AGW Group, a Brooklyn-based marketing company. But this post isn’t about him.

heemsIt’s about Kool A.D., a different third of Das Racist. He’s coming off an exceptionally prolific 2016. He released 10 mixtapes in 2016, one of which had 100 tracks, as I previously mentioned on this website. He also published a book of 100 vignettes. 

Kool A.D. (or Victor Vasquez ’06) came back to campus this past Saturday to perform in Malcolm X House for the 2017 Disorientation Guide release party. His wife, Saba Moeel (aka CULT DAYS) opened for him, and they also brought their kid. This post is a retelling of what happened. I am really not fooling you. That’s all that it is.

Oh and also: there are 9 startlingly radical zines (which I received at the concert) that are embedded in this post as html flipbooks.

From Apps to Africa: Wes Students Use Technology to do Big Things

kwakuAnyone who goes here knows that Wesleyan has no shortage of exceptional students. Just recently, Wesleying caught up with one who is making serious waves in the tech community. Read on to learn about HushCal and JóòMah, two revolutionary ideas with potential to change the world.

I met up with Kwaku Akoi ’14 at 9am on Wednesday morning in Pi Cafe, an hour before his Classic French Comics class.  Originally from Ghana, Akoi actually spent most of his high school career at the Westminster School in Simsbury, Connecticut, which is only 45 minutes north of Middletown. Here at Wesleyan, he is majoring in Economics and French, so when people learn about his true passion, it always comes as a bit of a surprise.

“I love Software Design. And I do a little bit of Programming.”

Akoi is tall, thin, and well spoken. As we talked, a few people approached him, gave him nods or high fives, and then continued on towards their coffee and bagels.


 Last February, Akoi started a company, called RevioSync, which consists of Wesleyan      students and a business partner at Microsoft Corporation. When I asked Akoi who this  partner or what he did, he told me that he couldn’t disclose that information.

“Alright,” I said. “Can I just call him Morpheus?”

Wesleyan University Seeks New Assistant to the President

Dear Leader Zach, in all his mighty grace and generosity to help me stave off unemployment and impending deportation, alerts me to this particular job opening listed on LinkedIn:

We are currently seeking an experienced, articulate, self-motivated, team player to provide high level administrative support to the President of Wesleyan University. This position requires someone with experience triaging the operational details of an executive office while keeping the big picture in mind. A very friendly can-do, will-do attitude is a must.

It sounds like every other generic job listing in existence. But its Wes-ness is most prevalent in the next paragraph:

Have you always been a welcoming first point of contact? Are you a meticulous organizer? Are customer service, stewardship and crisis management second nature to you?  Do you have a sense of humor and do you work well under pressure?  Do you have good judgment and know how to think on your feet?  Have you supported a high visibility, high profile, high level executive for several years?

Are you… WESLEYAN (byattcch)?

Oh hell yeah. I’m totally submitting my CV…. what? Bachelor’s Degree and five years experience in administrative assistant/executive assistant functions? Mannn….