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Procrastination Destination: Tall, Dark, and Scary (But Mostly Tall)

scary forest

I am hyped up, off-campus, riding on the coattails of Friday the 13th… yet, somehow, I find myself typing on Wesleying just to guide you in procrastinating both finals and packing to gtfo campus. To help you in your quest for distraction, I leave you with the following top three most popular Alternate Reality Youtube Series following one of the creepiest, most obsessively followed myths of the internet – Slenderman. (Couldn’t you tell by the title?)

Mid-Semester Procrastination Destination; Betty’s Instructional Dance Video

We got a few tips in our tipbox about this, and also an e-mail from junior “Betty” who composed this song and video. Ze would like to remain anonymous for now, and is using this mesmerizing/weird video to promote hir upcoming EP. Here’s the shout out, Betty! Maybe this will become the new ironic dance move at our school.

Also, I am taking this opportunity to post some more links; it’s a mid-semester Procrastination Destination! I’m not the biggest proponent of Internet procrastination, but since you’re doing it anyway, here are some links:

Calming Manatee – pictures of manatees and supportive phrases
The Artist is Here – a video game version of a Marina Abramovic piece
Let’s Play Ancient Greek Punishment –  for masochists and/or people who liked the Odyssey
Bad kid jokes – What is the secret ingrediant of a toilot?
Garfield Minus Garfield – surreal and hilarious
AOLer Translator – This program turns “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” into “THEIR R MORE THNGS IN HAAEVN AND AARTH HORATIO THAN R DREMT OF IN UR PHILOSOPHY11!!! WTF” w00t. 

New Year, New Stuff to Click at Wesleying

send in syedbar linkz plz – ur blog, useful stuf, watevs

This is a call for your submissions to the vast collection of links on the Wesleying sidebar (just above the tag cloud at the bottom). That includes:

  • Your/your student group’s blog/site/thing that can be accessed on the internet
  • Other people’s blogs/sites/things, as long as they have a Wes connection (like alumni and professors)
  • Useful things, like the Boring but Useful/Numbers to Know categories, University links, etc.
  • Relevant things (Middletown stuff, cool college blogs or whatever)

Basically, I’m doing this, except without advance warning because I suck. (As usual, feel free to tell me all about it in the comments!)

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!!?” you may have screamed as you read this post, your normative expectations hanging lifelessly in your arms. If that was you, there’s grief counseling after the jump. (There’s also more info on what/how to submit to us.)