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Sandy, Continued: Main Street to be Renamed Desolation Aisle

I just wandered around Main Street for a bit, and boy is it deserted. I mean, like, the desert deserted. Sorry for the shakiness of the photos; it is kinda windy.

In the 30 minute tour I just took of Main Street, ‘twixt rain and wind and leaves hitting me in the goddam face, I met not a single soul. Oh sure, there were a few lonely vehicles cautiously crawling hither and thither, but not one other deigned to trod gingerly down the dreary lane on foot like myself.

I have decided to rename Main Street, if only temporarily, as Desolation Aisle. Much like the oft-neglected pet-product aisle at the grocery store, Desolation Aisle seemed to offer delights on every side, but instead greeted me with harsh, unappetizing dimmed lights and locked doors.

Sandy, Continued: The View From Campus

I ventured outside (stupidly) and grabbed some photos of the storm as it grows. Winds are still barreling between 40 and 60 miles per hour. The rain is picking up steadily. You can’t really see it from your window; it’s different when you’re outside and the fierce rain/wind combination is stinging your face and your hair is soaked. I went to Weshop. I ran into my esteemed colleague A-Batte. He showed me a cell phone pic of the tree that fell on the zip cars (above). (Or maybe that’s this guy’s Prius?) Weshop seems to have re-stocked up, except for the chips and snack section, which has been raided bare.

I braved the wind from Weshop to the Church Street lot to investigate the fallen tree. There’s caution tape around the scene now, and it looks like P-Safe or some other authority is parked nearby. Another tree is down near the Butts. I haven’t spotted any other fallen trees, but it seems imminent over the next few hours. Keep us posted in the comments (or tweet at us) (or email us).

I headed back up Church Street. Campus is empty. Foss seems to be abandoned. The roads are barren except for the spare service vehicle. I spotted a friendly couple waltzing around like it’s WesFest. “You’re a fucking trooper, man!” the guy exclaimed to me.