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Open Call for Submissions to Contemplating the Universe

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From Penny Snyder ’16:

“We are made of starstuff,” says Carl Sagan, and if you like Carl Sagan, or looking up at the night sky, or making art about feeling small in the wake of the vast cosmos, consider submitting to “Contemplating the Universe.”

Contemplating the Universe is an exhibition opportunity open to all Wesleyan University students. In honor of the Van Vleck Observatory’s Centennial Celebration, the Astronomy Department in collaboration with the Center for the Arts invite students to submit visual artwork that responds to the theme: Contemplating the Universe.

Submit to Hummus


From Samantha Sikder ’14:

Have thoughts, opinons and writings on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Hummus is a new literary e-zine which attempts to explore the conflict from a human perspective. Be a part of a new and creative approach to fostering dialogue on campus. Send your poems, thoughts, inquiries, reflections, essays about the conflict to hummus(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by Friday, March 22nd.

 Contact: hummus(at)wes
Friday, March 22

Literary Radio Show Seeks Student Submissions

Adam Isaacson ’13 (happy birthday, Adam!!!!!!11) and Ashlin Aronin ’13 are beginning a “fictive-variety/omnivorously-experimental radio show” in a couple of Sundays, and they’re hungry for submissions and participants:

Do you like infinitely jesting? Is it a perfect day for banana fish? Shall I compare thee to a Summerfields?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ll love The Secret Files of Buford Parks, a new Radio-Play-Variety-Show-Me on WESU Middletown. Centered on the exhilarating exploits of sleuth Buford Parks, the show also – and more importantly – features student-composed-and-performed literature and music of all formats. Do you dig what we’re putting down? If you produce it, we’ll conduce it.

We are currently seeking voice actors, as well as submissions of radio drama, micro-fiction, poetry, speculative philology, fusion-lounge, astro-lounge, tragicomedy, melomystery, yodeling, growling, poop-jazz, whispering, whimpering.

Call for submissions to “Home”!


Aditi Kini ’12 wants you to submit to your parents Home, a new magazine

Have you ever been abroad? Have your conceptions of “home” ever been challenged or formed by contact with foreign cultures? Are you an international student? Are you a world-traveler?

“Home,” a new online magazine at Wes, is coming out with its first issue before the semester ends. We’re looking for any

  • artwork
  • photography
  • poetry
  • fiction, and
  • nonfiction

that addresses the concerns of “Home.” Our theme: across cultures.

Submit by noon, this May 3rd to wesleyanhome[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you would like to be involved in the publishing process, let us know as well!