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Operation L.O.L.

Welcome to Operation L.O.L. (Liveblogging in Olin Library). Somewhat on a whim, your faithful Wesleying fanatics Syed and pyrotechnics are liveblogging right fucking now in Olin. This is partially an experiment to see how long it takes the people around us to procrastinate via Wesleying and then notice us at the next table. But we’re not at all scientifically rigorous about it.

Come visit us! Especially if you desire immortal Wesleying fame. We might move around a bit but will mostly be in the main ‘homework’ area with all the lamps. We’ll be here for a while, probably until we start getting hungry and go get dinner. In other words, if you bring us food, you get more liveblogging.

Some frivolous, silly reporting of other people pretending to read books after the jump.

WSA Student Activities Fair Liveblog/Write for Wesleying

The WSA student activities fair is starting at 2 pm. Sign up for activities under big white tent. This will be frivolously liveblogged…

If you want to write for Wesleying, find our table (we’ll probably have a shoddily designed sign, because we forgot what pen and paper is) and help us blogbahlrbrahghlr. If you can’t make the fair (it ends at 5 pm, probably), but still want to be involved, contact staff[at]wesleyan[dot]edu. There will be a recruitment meeting this weekend, details TBA.

Click past the jump for detailed coverage of charmingly overzealous freshmen.

WSA Presidential Debate LIVE-BLOG Tonight @ 6:30pm EST

What’s up Wesleying. Trilla Flocka Whateverstein ’13 here. I haven’t live-blogged anything since the 2011 Oscars, but tonight I’ll be walking you through the entire WSA Presidential Debate, which you can attend in person as well on the first floor of Usdan at 6:30. I might even be joined by melodious. And maybe a surprise guest, like dark horse write-in candiate A-Batte. We’ll find out soon.

Check  back at 6:30 for the good shit. It’s on.

Arya Alizadeh ’13 vs. current president Zach Malter ’13 vs. the dark horse himself, A-Batte ’13 (who won’t be debating sadly so read this). Another way to look at it: the oddly beardless right now vs. the never been beardless? vs. the dark horse “candidate” Anwar.

Let’s go. Click past the jump for the live-blog.

Dan and Seb’s Epic Battle: Liveblogging the Middletown Mayoral Debate

Not pictured: candidates.

Hey folks! I’m sitting in Crowell right now next to wieb$ preparing to liveblog the Middletown mayoral debate. So far, the scene isn’t too exciting; we’ve got a handful of people sitting in seats or milling about, a small child who runs down the steps every few minutes, and a television reporter standing behind me trying to figure out how to plug in his microphone, to no avail. We’ll be indicating which one of us is posting by timestamps and brackets. I would explain this further, but doing so seems unnecessary.

T-minus 7 minutes to start. Keep an eye on this post – updates below the jump.