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Lockout charge policy changed

ResLife has amended its lockout charge policy. Currently, you are charged $10 every time you lock yourself out of your room and your RA lets you in. Now, though, you get one freebie. From an e-mail from ResLife Director Fran Koerting:

At the recommendation of the Undergraduate Residential Life Committee of the WSA, Residential Life has changed its policy regarding lockout charges. The current policy is that students are charged $10 each time a Resident Advisor keys them into their room. The new policy is to not charge students for their first lockout in which an RA keys them in, beyond the first two week grace period of the school year. RAs will still complete a lockout form so that the department can track key-ins, and students will be charged $10 for each subsequent key-in by an RA. Any students who have been charged thus far this semester will receive a $10 credit to their student account.

Students are reminded to key [sic] their room key with them at all times, lock their doors when they go to sleep or leave the room, and to not leave their keys in the lock. Questions about this change in policy should be directed to Fran Koerting, Director of Residential Life, at fkoerting@wes.