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“Are You Wesleyan” para-admissions campaign

Hey remember that terrible “Are You Wesleyan?” thing on the new admissions page? The one that’s still up despite the overwhelmingly negative student response to it in the month since it launched?

Judging by the initial reactions of the people in the administration who were involved (defensive irritation from Assistant Dean of Admissions Tara Lindros, ambivalence from President Michael Roth), they assumed that our vehement outrage would naturally simmer down to latent resentment over time.

It seemed they were right, but NO MORE.

At least, Aural Wes finally posted the initial results of their LOL-based alternative admissions project, intended to display a more revealing side of the student body. Some results below, click through for the full AW write-up.

Hardcore posturing Wes, from Will Tomlinson. DO OR DIE:

I am Wesleyan (bleed cardinal red)

Stupiddrunk Wes, from Adam Schlesinger ’10. Empty PBRs, A; dashiki and boxers, A+.

are you wesleyan

BougieWes, from Ben Bernstein ’10. We’re so civilized, you guys:are you wesleyan2

Synesthetically-hallucinating-Wes, from Andrea Neustein ’09:

are you wesleyan3

Add to the glory: make your own para-admissions photo and send it in. You could stay up all night making friends for life, or you could do this. Find out how after the jump.

Yo WesPilgrims, Diversionary Mirth At Hand


0))) ’10 just posted something brilliant over at AuralWes. I think you should go and participate. There are some dark, hilarious places in the picture-bowels of facebook…. I will summarize/ copy paste here:

here’s the deal: if you think the new admissions site is totally fucking stupid, condescending, and more than a bit disingenuous, you can create your own alternative! find your favorite wasteyface, shit-disturbing, or otherwise seedy photos of yourself and then head on over to icanhascheezburger.com. once there you can use their “advanced lolbuilder” to caption anything you want…however you want…in that iconic lolcat font we all love. SO, AURALWES IS HAVING OUR FIRST CONTEST EVAAR!!!11! (omfg)
Make your BEST para-admissions picture and send it over to auralwes@gmail.com

(on a side note, is anyone starting to think that, far from being a misguided attempt at making our HAWT SCHOOL look good, the new admissions website is actually some kind of guerilla genius instigation of this kind of mockery? they are getting so much play out of this.)

Wesleying: Still Waiting for Our Book Deal

So the founder of everybody’s favorite racial deconstructing blog Stuff White People Like, Christian Lander, just got a $300,000 book deal. According to the NYTimes, this is part of a larger trend of popular blogs getting attention from publishers… including I Can has Cheezburger, of lolcat fame.

Even the snarky can retain a bit of wonder. On Wednesday, Mr. Lander, who is white, added his 92nd entry to Stuff White People Like: Book Deals.

“White people,” he wrote, “like having their dreams come true when they least expected it.”

Uh, apparently all we need is more snark and 1.6 million hits a day and we’re set.

WestCo Guest Lecture Series: Lolcats and Communes

In addition to the Lolcats lecture being given at 10 by Ben Bernstein ’10, Yotam Marck (who doesn’t, in fact, go here, but is the cousin of Izaac Lichter-Marck ’11) will be talking about his experiences as a member of the Naharovet, a communal youth movement in Israel.

In Izaac’s words,

“Yotam has lived in a commune for three years and is an expert on cooperative living and the kibbutz movements, zionism, marxism, and ping pong. come steal his ideas pineapple top tree grew where the jack o lantern plate.”

Date: Tonight, February 10
Time: 9:00 and 10:00
Location: WestCo Lounge

WestCo Guest Lecture Series: Lolcats

This Sunday, February 10th, the first iteration of the WestCo Guest Lecture Series will be delivered by Ben Bernstein ’10. Ben will be giving a “cultural, social, and artistic critique of the lolcat phenomenon, complete with pictures, which makes a lot of sense, because the lecture’s on lolcats. It will take place in the WestCo Lounge starting at 10 PM. These lectures typically run about half an hour, with time for questions afterwards. There will be food, because this is typically combined with WestCo snacks, but probably no cheeseburger.

Date: Sunday, February 10
10:00 PM
Location: WestCo Lounge (knock, somebody will let you in)

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, the original post on the Lecture Series is here.