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Pizza and Music with Dean Wood

Rachel Unger ’15 has a hunger… for pizza!

Come meet our new class dean while enjoying music by your classmates and eating delicious pizza right outside High Rise and LoRise.

Open to all residents of High Rise and LoRise as well as all members of the Class of 2015.

Date: Sunday, September 8th, 2013
Time: 1:30–3:30 p.m.
Place: High Rise/Lorise Courtyard
Cost: Free!

Will Feinstein Makes Lioness Perform Athletic Task, Films It

“I think the setup is: ‘Laugh at Lioness While Lioness Frailly Tries to do This Physical Task'”

Trill Feinstein ’13 is bored (well, you can’t be a rap sensation 24/7), so he’s speed-editing outtakes from Wes Pacific (you know, that web series he created?) and popping them out like chickens. Think of it like Wes Pacific’s special features. These are the deleted scenes. And they’re about to make your Wessickness much, much worse.

In the first segment, Feinstein treks into Lionessrise, otherwise known as LoRise A5, and challenges challenges the burly, well-toned fitness freaks of Lioness to a chin-up contest. “We’re basically proving that we are all very unathletic, skinny people,” observes percussive demon John Snyder ’12, who went on to win seven Oscars for his performance. The clip features an introduction by Future Islands shortly before their April performance with Cloud Nothings; according to Feinstein, a full interview is forthcoming, which is pretty awesome news.

¡Cinco de Mayo Yard Party!

Eat away your Saturday with the Cinco de Mayo Junior Village Yard Party!

Ross Wells Gormley ’13 took a break from his Franzia studying to bring you breaking news:

Come get free Iguanas Ranas at the LoRise Courtyard this evening. DJ sets from McKenzii Webster ’13 and Brewster Lee ’13 will keep the fiesta going straight from 5:30 to 7:00. Sponsored by the 2013 Class Council.

Date: Saturday, May 5
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm [5:30-6:15 McKenzii Webster ’13; 6:15-7:00 Brewster Lee ’13] Place: LoRise Courtyard
Precio: Gratis

Campus Marsupial Report: Lo Rise Possum

ResLife says you can’t keep pets in dorms, but this possum is all like, “Fuck tha police coming straight from the underground.” It’s been spotted numerous times before, but Rachel Pincus ’13 has finally documented the furry adventurer in its native Lo Rise/High Rise Courtyard Metropolitan Area, which appear to be its primary stomping grounds.

According to Pincus’s testimony, the possum, hereby referred to as The Possum, has also been spotted between the last two buildings on Church before High Rise “around like 2:00 AM” for the past two weekends. “I saw him before in September or something,” Pincus adds, but it lives “prolly in a tree somewhere.” (Note: Wikipedia confirms that possums are indeed “at least partially arboreal,” though some species have done well in urban settings. This one has lovely eyes.)

The Possum presently has no name, though Lina Mamut ’13 prefers “Jacob.” Your suggestions are welcomed in the comments section. We’ll keep you possted.

Shooting at Major League Barbershop

View Larger Map

Helicopters have been circling LoRise and HiRise for the past twenty minutes. No specific details yet: students saw P-Safe telling children and their caretakers in Traverse Square to clear out for safety reasons, because there was just a shooting.

[edit I: 6:35 pm] The shooting took place at Major League Barbershop, at the intersection of Williams and Broad streets (map above). Eyewitness News says that:

“three or four black men wearing red and black entered the barbershop, shot the person, then fled. This isn’t the first time this barbershop has seen gunfire. In 2005, 26-year-old Marcus Perry opened fire at the business.”

Shit! And I have such fond memories of my nonviolent MLB head-shave freshman year.

[edit II: 7:06 pm] Looks like Wesleyan picked the right day to start testing the phone/text security alerts – I just got a text message, robo-call from Dean Mike, and email about the incident with the following info, as well as worried phone calls from three separate family members who assumed I was there and barely escaped with my life:

Middletown Police has notified Public Safety that a shooting occurred off campus on William St between Broad and Main streets at approximately 5:25pm today 10/1/08. 5-7 individuals fled the area and several possible subjects have been stopped. There are no Wesleyan community members believed to have been involved in this and Public Safety has deployed several officers in the area while Middletown Police continue their search for suspects.

Brrrr! Probably not the best day for Middletown bar night. Although from my ostensibly safe two-block distance from the MLB crime scene, I will say it is pretty funny that the alleged perpetrators were wearing Wesleyan colors. More details as they come.

[edit III: 9:51 pm]
P-Safe update:

Middletown Police with the assistance of Public Safety and State Police helicopters have completed the search of the area for possible suspects in this incident and there is no imminent threat to the Wesleyan community. Middletown Police are continuing their investigation into the shooting of one individual and anyone with any information is asked to contact them at 860-344-3200.

Also, Middletown Eye says that the only damage was one man shot in the leg, who was taken to the hospital. So you can tell your parents that yeah, there was a gang shooting two blocks off campus, but at least nobody’s dead.

Photo below from Ed McKeon, at the scene earlier today:

Cold Water Log: Day 3

Today, I got out of bed and rushed to the faucet hoping there would be hot water. No, just freezing cold. I checked my email and found this from Maureen Isleib:

I’m sorry to report there is another mechanical issue at High Rise impacting the hot water. The air compressor failed that provides control air to all the pneumatic controls for the mechanicals, including the water heaters. The timing is unimaginable.

We will have this situation corrected by mid morning as the replacement compressor is on site and only has to be wired. We had anticipated this failure due to the existing machines condition and had the replacement unit shipped to us and delivered to High Rise earlier this week. Our electricians will be on the job first thing Wednesday morning. We will attempt to provide air temporarily by either manual means or babysitting the failed compressor long enough to get hot water to the building for morning showers. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll update you all on this latest development as soon as things are back to normal.

Useful would be the times they imagine the water being turned hot. Seeing as it’ll only be a window and it’ll be cold for god knows how much longer.