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Lost and Found, a Reminder

As someone who lost both a hat and a cell phone in the past two days and miraculously recovered them through various means, I feel like it might help to recap the official Lost and Found policy at this place in case you find a stray item or need to recover one:

WesIDs – should be returned to the WesCard Office in North College.

Keys (Dorm, Building/Office, Car) – should all be returned to the Office of Residential Life. ResLife will receive all keys and forward them to their appropriate office(s).

Valuables ($25 or more), (e.g. cell phones, iPods, bicycles, etc.) – should be forwarded to Public Safety. If items are not claimed in a timely manner, they will be donated to various charities and organizations in need.

Textbooks – should be returned to the department of the subject matter.

Clothing and miscellaneous items – offices can hold onto clothing and miscellaneous items for a period of time. If they are not claimed in a timely fashion, they can be donated or disposed of at the office’s discretion. Offices are asked to use their judgment when holding items.

The designated Lost and Found is in the Public Safety office, open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, and there are also Lost and Found boxes in the Info Desk at Usdan and the front desk at Olin. Hope this wasn’t too redundant.

Lost and Found! (Start using it…!)

On Behalf of the Usdan Center Staff:

There’s a lost and found located in the Usdan Center at the Info Desk. We have a relatively small cupboard for holding lost stuff, and it’s starting to get full. We contact people whenever possible, but there’s a lot of stuff.

If you think any of the following belong to you,please go to the Info Desk and get it:

  • 1 Introductory Russian Textbook
  • 1 Light blue and silver Samsung flip phone from T-Mobile
  • 3 umbrellas – one beige with a wooden handle, one lime green, and one yellow with a black and a green stripe
  • 2 pairs of glasses – one semi-frameless pair with a rust red frame, one with a metallic blue/green frame
  • 1 dark maroon cardigan from Ralph Lauren Sport
  • Gold slippers (a pair)
  • A girl from Mount Holyoke lost her ID – if you had a friend visit, tell her it’s there.
  • 1 notebook with a (I think) red cover, belonging to someone in introductory French (101)
  • 1 copy of Cuba: A New History by Richard Gott
  • 1 copy of Crime and Punishment, a version that’s kind of old and battered, discarded from a library

So for future reference, only people with glasses will get lost and found posts because we’re special :P Go real lost and found!