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What a socially-responsible, environmentally-friendly company… three cheers for BP, eh?

So, you thought you could forget about the oil spill in the Gulf? You know, the three-month period in 2010 when the executives of one of the world’s largest oil companies checked-out like second semester seniors (with a half-assed work ethic to boot) and 4.9 million barrels were released into the ocean? And that did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to change the “Drill, Baby, Drill” mentality in Washington?

Well, two artists are coming to campus to jog your memory.


Some Wes concerts are meant for the Memorial Chapel. “Otherwordly chanteuse” Julianna Barwick honed her ethereal vocal performances in rural Louisiana church choirs, so it’s perhaps no surprise. Eventually she moved to Brooklyn and began looping vocal tracks upon vocal tracks, crafting swelling, ethereal layers of angelic self-harmonization. This is the culmination of that sound.

If you missed the vocalist’s ghostly and all-too-brief performance Thursday night in the Chapel, here’s a taste from the encore. Not pictured: cops, naked 50-year-old men.

Julianna Barwick at Memorial Chapel

From Chelsie Green ’14:

Julia Barwick will be performing in Memorial Chapel on Thursday! Opener by Faith Harding! Check out the blurbs below for more info.

Julianna Barwick
Growing up in Louisiana, Julianna Barwick was in a church choir which she credits with giving her that unique sound. She creates beautiful soundscapes with many vocal loops of her reverb-drenched, angelic voice, sometimes in conjunction with piano or some percussive element. Basically, you’ll feel like you’re floating. You can try out some of her music here.

Faith Harding
Faith will be opening the show. You might recognize her from Treasure Island. You might not. Either way, you’ll probably like it. Faith will be playing a solo set of original songs and covers. One of those covers will be a song by the Weeknd. She understands your body wants it.

Date: Sept. 29
Time: 8:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Place: Memorial Chapel
Cost: Nuffin’