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Support marriage equality here in CT

Yes, we already do have gay marriage.  However, as with all other states allowing gay marriage except for Vermont, we have it as a result of judicial action rather than legislative action.  In the eyes of many people, this makes it less “legitimate” than a decision from our elected officials who represent us more directly.

However, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Love Makes a Family are trying to pass SB 899: An Act Implementing the Guarantee of Equal Protection under the Constitution of the State for Same-Sex Couples.  According to the HRC:

The bill would remove demeaning anti-gay language from Connecticut statutes, provide a means for merging civil unions and marriages by October 2010, and provide for recognition of marriages, civil unions, and domestic partnerships from other states.

National right wing organizations have moved into Connecticut with ads and robocalls aimed at scaring voters into believing that marriage equality is harmful. Please take action today and help protect the right to marry for all Connecticut couples in a loving, committed relationship.

To easily send a letter to your state representative and senator online (Rep Joe Serra, Senator Paul Doyle if you use your Wesleyan address) , use this handy-dandy “Take Action” form online.  Make sure to use a Connecticut address.  The bill is being voted on in the Senate *today*, so do this ASAP (if it conforms to your political beliefs, obviously).

[Update 8:56 pm] According to theday.com,  the Senate voted 28-7 tonight to approve SB 899 (woohoo!!)  The House is debating it now, so still write to your representative!  Way to go, CT Senate!

[Update 12:40 am] AP is reporting that the House also approved the bill 100-44.  They’re also reporting that Jodi Rell (our Republican governor) will sign it.  It passed!  Wooo!  Thanks to everyone who supported it.  I’m proud of Connecticut.

Love Makes a Family Disbanding

Anne Stanback of Love Makes a FamilyLet me start by saying that I think Love Makes a Family is an amazing organization, and feel that for the most part they have made good strategic decisions. One exception I take would be with their initial opposition to the civil unions bill in 2005, and another would be choosing April Fool’s Day as the day to announce that they will disband at year’s end.

As a Connecticut resident who has followed the fight for marriage equality in the state very closely, I am still in disbelief about their announcement–though I am very glad that Love Makes a Family no longer has a reason to exist. After all, we now have full marriage equality in Connecticut. Any two adults in the state who want to get hitched can do it. Mission accomplished.

Daniela Altimari reported on the announcement in the Hartford Courant:

“With GLAD’s victory in the Kerrigan Supreme Court decision and with the knowledge that same-sex couples’ right to marry is secure, we can officially close our doors at the end of the year,” the group’s executive director, Anne Stanback said in a statement. “We want to conclude our work on a high note: celebrating our successes, completing our advocacy work over the next nine months, and sharing our organizational resources with others to further empower the Connecticut community for the future.”

Love Makes a Family has posted a letter to their supporters, and a Q & A about their plans for the next nine months on the organization’s website.

[Thanks to a persistent anonymous commenter for the tip]

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