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Procrastination Destination Du Jour: Cats… Lots of Them

Shout out to waynesworld for making this sick-ass cover photo.

Yes, readers, I know what you are thinking: “Hermes, you crazy bitch, there was already a post about cats from last year’s Procrastination Destination and you peeps at Wesleying had a post earlier today about cats. Fuck this. Cats are a societal construct anyway.”

Oh, but I’ve gone above and beyond, for I bring you MANY websites featuring MANY cats in today’s DOUBLE FEATURE about CATS. I told my kitten-/cat-obsessed friend at Northwestern that our blog was doing a double feature on cat websites and all she could say was, “You lucky sons of bitches.”

Read after the jump to see all of the adorable cat-ness (cat-ness, Katniss, GET IT?).