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Marco’s Deli: “My Name’s Actually Mark”

Lisa Puorro of Marco’s Deli writes in about the lesser-known alternative to Neon Deli:

I was hoping you might be able to give a plug to Marco’s Deli, located on William Street (across from Low Rise). Breakfast sandwiches served all day, great grinders, reasonably priced groceries, and Marco himself, always there to greet you, six days a week. Although this deli has been in the same location for years, it is a little known secret among Wes students.  Thanks.

Pretty sweet deal for all you juniors, especially considering Neon stops selling breakfast sandwiches before I even wake up (read: ten o’clock). (And does Neon have Marco himself, six days a week? No? Didn’t think so.) This Argus article and this interview from last year offer some history behind the place, plus this nugget of awesomeness:

“My name’s actually Mark,” said owner Mark Sbona. “I decided that Marco actually sounded a little bit better for the business, so I went with that.”

Apparently the joint’s been around since the 1950s. Gotta respect continuity.