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Comedy Combo Show

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From Taylor Goodstein ’14:

Do you like comedy? Are you maybe thinking about joining a comedy group but you want to know what Wes has to offer? Do you have a free hour and half between the hours of 7:30 and 9 on Friday? Then you should come to the Comedy Combo Show!!

At the show, you’ll see Punchline members perform stand-up in between the improv acts of short-form group Desperate Measures, long-form, free-form group New Teen Force, and long-form, Armando performing Gag Reflex (say that five times fast). Also, catch the sketch comedy of Lunchbox and the a capella sketch combination brought by Vocal Debauchery. If you are interested in doing comedy at Wes, all groups will also be announcing their audition times!

Show starts at 7:30. Buffet starts at never.

Date: Friday, 9/6
Time: 7:30-9pm
Location: Nics Lounge

Free Lunchbox Comedy Show For Free


Adam Rot(bot)stein ’12 writes:

Tired of boring corporate meetings? No? Why would you be, you’re in college. But not for long. Now you can. Have it all. It’s here, the only Sketch Comedy Show that is more or less interesting than a corporate meeting. Haven’t had your morning joe? No Problem. It will be late in the evening by then, and we will be serenading you. A rose by any other name is not a rose, not yet a woman. Profit margins will increase, BYOBGYN.

Date: Tuesday, May 9th (tomorrow!)
Time: 9pm
Place: Nics Lounge
Cost: $31.25 (tax included)

Facebook event is here.

Comedy Combo Show

Hey. You look like you haven’t laughed in a while. We can fix that:


Everybody is welcome.

Comedy groups include:

  • Desperate Measures (short-form improv)
  • Gag Reflex (long-form improv)
  • Lunchbox (sketch comedy)
  • New Teen Force (long-form improv)
  • Punchline (stand-up comedy)
  • Vocal Debauchery (a cappella + sketch comedy)

Date: Wednesday, April 17
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Place: Nics Lounge
Cost: Free

Facebook: Here.

Audition for Lunchbox – Sketch Comedy


Are you funny? Then please come and audition for LUNCHBOX, Wesleyan’s only “only sketch comedy” group.

Where: Today (Friday) from 4-6pm, Tomorrow (Saturday) from 2-4pm
When: Nics Lounge
Facebook: Click.

In the event of changes in audition time due to weather, those who are RSVP’d via Facebook will receive a message with the appropriate information.

UPDATE (9 Feb 2013, 12:08pm EST): Today’s auditions have been canceled due to snow. Please remain posted via Facebook for alternate times.

UPDATE (10 Feb 2013, 8:57pm EST): Auditions have been rescheduled to tomorrow (Monday, February 11th) from 4:30-6:30pm in the Nics Lounge. If you cannot make this time, please email elitvitskiy(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

UPDATE (11 Feb 2013, 2:41pm EST): Auditions are still from 4:30-6:30pm today, but they have been moved to the WestCo Lounge. Go there!

Comedy Combo Show


Dear Ashton:

Make Teddy jealous! Come on out and see the Comedy Combo Show tonight at 8pm in the Nics Lounge, free of charge! It will be a rollicking good time, featuring several comedy groups from around campus:

  • Desperate Measures (short-form improv)
  • Gag Reflex (long-form improv)
  • Lunchbox (sketch comedy)
  • New Teen Force (long-form improv)
  • Punchline (stand-up)
  • Vocal Debauchery (a cappella + sketch comedy)

Date: Tonight, February 1
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: Nics Lounge
Cost: Free
Facebook: Link

Lunchbox + New Teen Force = So Chill

This just in from Elizabeth Litvitskiy ’15:

Hi Everyone. What’s up? Good. This friday there will be a Lunchbox show (Lunchbox is Wesleyan’s oldest and only SOLELY sketch comedy group, sketch comedy is like SNL, Lunchbox is better than SNL) and it’s the last one of the semester. New Teen Force will open with improv, but then there’s a whole bunch of new stuff that we’d love to share with you. Come on down, sweetbreads!

Date: Friday, December 07
Time: 9 pm
Place: Nics Lounge
Cost: Reasonably Cheap

First Lunchbox Show of the Year

This just in from Lunchbox peeps:

Lunchbox is Wesleyan’s only sketch comedy group! It’s like SNL circa 1991! We have three new frosh (GTFI frosh!) and a whole bunch of new material and we are so super duper pumped to perform! Bring your parents if they have an extreme tolerance for lude and offensive material. Bring them if they don’t and you want to hear them cringe.

Date: Saturday, October 20
Time: 9:30 PM (Don’t confuse us with other comedy shows, this shit’s the real deal)
Place: Nics Lounge Always n Forever <3
Why: Why not? Take a crazy chance.



Hope you’re not sick of us and our sketch comedy yet! Because we’re serving up our biggest and best show of the year TOMORROW NIGHT.

Lunchbox is: Solomon Billinkoff ’14Caroline Fox ’12Jack Hoskins ’12Elizabeth Litvitskiy ’15Jilly Moreno ’12Daniel Obzejta ’12, and Adam Rotstein ’13 (who is in Paris but that’s ok).

Date: Wednesday, May 9
Time: 8 pm
Place: Nics Lounge