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Photos: Mac DeMarco, Yeoman’s Omen, Featherwood Bee at Eclectic

Despite the fact that I’d never previously heard of him, Canadian musician Mac DeMarco, along with the help of Wesleyan support acts Featherwood Bee and Yeoman’s Omen, successfully filled the house at Eclectic Thursday night, warming up the venue after the doldrums of Fall Break and Parents’ Weekend.

Unfortunately, I missed Featherwood Bee, who went on first. Sorry, Featherwood Bee! For those who don’t know, Featherwood Bee is a band. Specifically, they are a band that just released a new EP. Check out our recent short interview with them. When I arrived, Yeoman’s Omen had taken the stage with their blues-rock jams, and they propelled a small but growing crowd toward movement.

Mac DeMarco is known for its crooning, adorably gap-toothed vocalist, but he didn’t fully bust out his smoky pipes until the final song. Before that, they played the part of Canadian rednecks; a dish of murky beer on the stage turned out to be their watering hole, and they liberally scooped out of it with a used paper Pepsi cup and drank from it. The disconnect between their serene vocals and thrumming guitars occasionally reminded me of the Strokes. They unsuccessfully tried to play “Message in a Bottle” toward the end and had two trainwrecks before launching into “Only You.” DeMarco recruited a random girl from the audience and dove into the crowd while embracing her, which must have been a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Mac DeMarco, Yeoman’s Omen, and Featherwood Bee @ Eclectic

Calhoun Hickox ’15 has a name that’s almost as dope as Mac DeMarco:

Remember how much fun Aural Wes’ launch party was last month featuring Prince Rama and Wesleyan’s own Bamenda, Guy Fridge ’15, and Crook$hanks? This Thursday we’re back with another Aural Wes curated show in Eclectic, this time featuring cigarette smoking Canadian crooner Mac DeMarco and your pals, Yeoman’s Omen and Featherwood Bee. I am predicting this show will set crowd surfing world records, so get ready to hang loose and ride a giant wave of weird pop for a couple hours.

More information at Aural Wes.

Date: Tonight, October 25
Time: 9:00 pm – 12:00 am
Place: Eclectic
Cost: Free Moneys
Facebook event: “Maybe Attending”