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Help Save Macdonough Elementary School



On Monday, a change.org petition was created by Waterbury resident, Precious Price, in order to prevent the closure of Macdonough Elementary School. Macdonough Elementary School is a vital part of the Middletown community, and provides education for 240 students in kindergarten to fifth grade. The closure was proposed by the Ad Hoc School Closure Committee in order to resolve budget issues. However, members of the community have expressed their fears that the loss of Macdonough will have a negative impact on local children and families who rely on the close proximity of the school to their homes.

Tutoring Programs Info Session

TOCStutoringhere are so many groups at Wesleyan working with children that it can be hard to choose just one. Aspiring tutors sometimes join the first program they hear about rather than selecting an organization based on the target age group, time commitment, academic subject, and program structure. To help you pick the group that’s right for you, the Office of Community Service is hosting an information session where representatives from several tutoring programs on campus will talk about their work and answer your questions.

Whether you’re providing homework help and dance classes at Green Street or doing long division at Macdonough School, tutoring and mentoring are fun and effective ways to engage with the community. If you receive Federal Work-Study, you can get paid for volunteering with an OCS literacy program.

Date: Thursday, September 11th, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: PAC 002

Macdonough Fundraising Drive: “Extreme Makeover! Resource Room Edition”

Jon Romeo, principal of Macdonough School, write in to let Wesleyan know about a fundraising drive:

Teachers from Macdonough School post projects on Donors Choose, a web site designed to make it easy for anyone to help students in need. The teachers simply post classroom project requests on the site, and people can give any amount to the project that most inspires them.

As the school year comes to a close, we are seeking to get one very special project funded — classroom supplies for our new special education room. Rather than soliciting for a few large donations, our goal is to get hundreds of very small donations. We are hoping that people from the Wesleyan University community will consider donating just one dollar to the following project to support our neighborhood school. If everyone does just a little bit, together we can do a lot!

Feel free to forward this project to others who are interested in supporting education.

Here’s the link to the fundraising drive.

Apply to Teach Kindergarten Kickstart


If the word “teach” is in the title, you can be sure what follows is from Resident Educationisto Andy Ribner ’14:

Interested in teaching preschool this summer? Apply to teach Kindergarten Kickstart!

This innovative, five-week summer pre-k program employs Wesleyan students to teach high-need students who need an extra boost before their kindergarten year. This year, we will have sites working with students going to Macdonough and Farm Hill.

For more information, see the application here, or feel free to contact Sydney Lewis ’14 (salewis@wes), Taylor Deloach ’13(tdeloach@wes), and Andy Ribner ’14 (aribner@wes).

Applications are due April 5!

Contact: kickstartct(at)gmail(dot)com
Deadline: Friday, April 5th, 2013.
Application: Right over here.

Just When You Thought the Harlem Shake Was Over

The folks over at WesPregame just produced a video of some of the students from the Wesleyan Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) doing the Harlem Shake with fifth graders from Macdonough Elementary School. This video has remarkable potential to either cheer you up immensely as you’re studying in SciLi or help you celebrate the end of the midterms. Hope you enjoy either way.

Macdonough Students Film “Gangnam Style” Parody

What I want to know is where can I find this “Alicia” and do you think she’d lay down some vocals for my lo-fi electro dreamsynthpop mixtape?

Assuming most Wesleyan students check Da Patch on the daily and/or frequent the YMCA Kids’ Korner, you’ve probably already seen this hilariously endearing “Gangnam Style” parody featuring our friends from Macdonough Elementary. In case you live under a rock, “Gangnam Style” is South Korean pop sensation PSY’s insanely popular satirical single whose viral Youtube status (735,723,859 views and counting) has had this unfortunate effect. At a staggering 1,427 views, “Gangnam Style Parody” claims to be “the viral video of the summer.” While this assertion is perhaps premature, I would definitely support a collective effort on the part of Wesleyan students to validate it.

According to the Patch article, these tweens are “on the front lines of what’s cool in pop culture.” For additional proof that Middletown’s youths are significantly flyer than most of the people at this school, see herehere, and here.

For the Usdan vegan section’s take on “Gangnam Style,” watch this.

Book Fair at Macdonough

It’s just about nostalgia o’clock in the Wesleying Corporation’s Event Submissions & Global Distribution department:

If you’re planning on doing any holiday shopping for kids, please consider stopping by the Macdonough Elementary School PTA Book Fair on Friday, December 3rd between Noon and 4 pm (66 Spring Street).

It’s just like the Scholastic fairs you remember from your youth — bookmarks, erasers and pencils starting at 50 cents, and books ranging from $4 to $15 or so.

The PTA will be using the book fair profits to pay for a field trip for every Macdonough student. Thanks for your support!

Jen Alexander (Wes ’88, Middletown resident & coincidentally, president of the Macdonough PTA)

Date: Today, Friday, December the 3rd; a wonderful day for events, I’ve heard.
Time: Noon ’til four, need I say more?
Place: Go on fleet feet to sixty-six Spring Street, where Macdonough Elementary remains most sedentary.