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WesStuffed: Sophomore Foodies Launch Campus Food Blog, Use “Wes” as Prefix

“On WesStuffed, students can read about anything from the new sandwiches available at Usdan Café to a review of a hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese noodle house on Main Street.”

Stop the presses, there’s a new food blog on WordPress! This one isn’t a cooking blog, like For The Love of Food (Lauren Rothman ’08) or Bread and Butter Press (Leah Campbell ’09). It’s not a recipe blog, like The Intrepid Cook (Maren Ellingboe ’10). It’s not just a bunch of pictures of salads, like Ryan Makes Salads, or consolidated menus, like the apparently defunct WesFood, and it’s certainly not as episodic as the sorely missed Lunchtime with Mark and Scott.

It’s WesStuffed, a learned, entertaining, and gastronomically informed guided to “the culinary jungle that is Middletown, Connecticut.” Roughly comparable to The Wesivore, which has been discontinued, the blog has so far featured rundowns of Middletown eateries, reviews of Pi iced tea and Red & Black cheese selections, and a pretty illuminating take on Usdan’s continued relationship with Ronnybrook dairy products. (The authors even spoke with the farmers and distributors of Ronnybrook products, both Wesleyan alumni.) It has also championed the hell out of Sweet Harmony Cafe and Bakery, a little-known hole-in-the-wall Middletown joint “laden with trinkets and treasures of every variety.”

Main Street Closed Due to Gas Leak

Update: Main Street is back open.

Happy first day of classes! Hoping to hit up Javapalooza for a post-class chill sesh? Not today. WTNH, along with Middletown Patch and other sources, is reporting that a gas leak has shut down our beloved Main Street. Here’s WTNH:

Main Street in Middletown is shut down due to a gas leak.

Officials from Yankee Gas say a construction crew accidentally broke a gas line in a business near Main and Court Streets.

Police tell News 8 several streets in the area are also closed while crews are on the scene.

The Middletown Police and Fire Departments are reportedly at the scene. We’ll update this as more rolls in. Photos via Middletown Patch.
[nggallery id=166]

Photos: Bank of America, Meet Wes

This past Saturday, WesKids and local protestors alike led a Middletown march against Bank of America. (The bank, that is. Not the infamous $45 Trident EP by Chilly Phoenix.) The organizers: the Community Banking Working Group of Occupy Wesleyan. The occasion: Move Your Money, a national nonprofit campaign to divest from America’s largest banks in favor of local credit unions.

As Middletown Patch tells it, the merry band of activists made their way to Main Street’s Bank of America branch, where they flooded the entrance in caution tape and foreclosure notices. As the YouTube footage testifies, a few attempted to close their own accounts in the midst of the protest:

Those attempting to close their accounts were initially refused entry and told by bank representatives to leave the property.

A statement was read condemning the bank’s funding of mountaintop removal and “careless gambling of the health of the global economy” before students marched back to campus where representatives from local credit unions were present to help students open new accounts.

The first eleven photos are via Dan Fischer ’12. The rest—including wieb$ money shot—are courtesy of Mariama Eversley ’14. Video via the MoveYourMoneyWes YouTube channel.

Jump & Jive at the Swing & Blues Dance at Jump & Jive

Tresne Hernandez ’12 wants you to swing, swing, swing (and blues) from the tabletops at Vinnie’s Jump & Jive this Saturday:

Bringing back the swing! And blues too… A SWING & BLUES DANCE!

Date: Saturday, January 28
Time: 8-9 pm: Beginner Lesson; 9-11 pm: swing dancing for all; 11-12 pm: late-night blues
Place: Vinnie’s Jump & Jive, 424 Main Street
Cost: $5 for students; $8 for general admission

AND THEN! Late-late-night blues at Wesleyan!

Time: 11 pm – 1:30 am
Place: Fayerweather Dance Studio
Cost: Free to be, you and Mroth

One Month Warning: A New World Laser Tag

“We tried to do more than the standard everybody tags everybody.”

Bummer on Main Street: everyone’s favorite MTown area laser tag joint is on its way out, with a little less than a month to go. Located at 423 Main Street (right across from bar-night hot spot Titanium), New World has occupied hundreds of Wes students and Middletown locals alike in the six-and-a-half years since its opening in February, 2005. Among its attractions: “7,000 square feet [of laser tag] containing many glowing structures, tunnels, and rooms,” and an arcade complete with Pacman and Frogger.

November 20 is the big day, so “PLAY TODAY,” implores the all-caps sign dotting the spot’s Main Street window. “Time is running out so get all of your fun Laser Tag adventures in while you still can!!” concurs the New World website. Meanwhile, the lengthy list of “USED ITEMS FOR SALE INSIDE” includes a full-size fridge ($100), microwave ($40), old TV ($45), Box Spring Mattress ($50), Dell keyboard ($75), Dell mouse ($8), office chair ($20), and filing cabinet ($35).

The Winter Sounds at the Buttonwood Tree

Happenin’ tonight right on Main Street, from Laura Bliss ’12:

Nashville-based The Winter Sounds take the stage at The Buttonwood Tree for what promises to be an unforgettable night of music and storytelling.

With influences ranging widely from gypsy jazz to punk rock, the Winter Sounds will present new songs and old favorites in an exciting and dynamic indie-rock style.”

Date: Tonight, October 20
Place: The Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main Street
Time: 8:00 PM
Cost: $8, or $5 for Wes students

New Nightclub Coming to Main Street

Attention, Bar Night frequenters: your venue options are about to expand beyond campus faves The Cardinal’s Nest, The Shadow Room, and Mezzo.

Okay, but it might take a year or two. The Middletown Eye is reporting Planning and Zoning Commission approval of a new nightclub on Main Street, to be operated by the owners of Esca Restaurant and Wine Bar on property previously home to the Firehouse Grill. And it has a hip, decidedly un-Middletown-esque name! Check it out:

Gaetano Bramato, of the Bramato family which owns Esca, wrote in his application, “‘Titanium’ is going to be set up as a Fusion Café and Lounge that will offer light fare and casual Entertainment . . . Our lounge area will be set up with comfortable lounge sofas and chairs with café style tables where guests can sit back and relax . . . ”

Bramato said that there would be a dance floor upstairs, with entertainment offered by live bands, comedians, and occasionally DJs.

Sweeeet. I Google-Imaged “Titanium Nightclub” and this hip-looking action shot popped up. Main Street is already one of the nation’s most romantic locations (lol), but a lil shot of Titanium can’t hurt.

[Middletown Eye]

Middletown’s is one of the Most Romantic Main Streets

It’s Valentine’s Day (this is college, holidays take on the closest weekend, at least according to my friends).  So where does one spend a romantic day such as this?  Stop mumbling “in a real city” under your breath.  I know, it’s reflex.  According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Middletown is actually the place to be for romance:

Middletown’s allure includes an artful Main Street brimming with elegant restaurants, an award-winning local chocolatier, and the romantic Inn at Middletown, offering the best of New England charm.

In addition to mentioning iconic eateries such as O’Rourke’s and Malloves Jewelers as elements of a dream date here in M-town, there’s this little treat:

Venture past the historic houses on tree-lined College Street to the prestigious Wesleyan University. Take in an eclectic and interesting lecture, a hockey game, or go stargazing at the college observatory.

So, now when you see random couples engaged in PDA’s on College Row, you know what’s going on.  This may just be a ploy by the administration to get people to show up at athletics events though.

[National Trust for Historic Preservation, via HuffPo]

WesHistory: Buddhist House, or BuHo, or that really faraway happy place.

What you don’t really see is the driveway that’s baaallaaaaa.

I’ve been obsessed with Buddhist House for a while now. Looming enigmatically at the far edge of campus with its simple cream tone and gentle but quietly formidable facade, it’s one of those buildings that just begs for stories to be told (much like its cousin, the Addams Family building over at 202 Wash).

However, considering that I’m morally and spiritually against happy people, actually living in the house and thus being able to bask in all its glory on a constant basis is not an option for me. Stricken with such a deficiency, I am forced to find other ways of worshipping its beauty.

So I turned to the only reliable skill I possess: tapping up nice old ladies. More specifically, using their services in the Special Collections department over at Olin. After a couple of hours with my ass parked in that quiet old room (and it was a lovely quiet old room indeed), I think I’ve got it.

Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, the following fact-sheet is my declaration of love for the building that stands at 356 Washington Street, also known as the “Acheson-Armstrong House” (for reasons that will soon become clear).

Family Barefoot Boogie on Main Street

Mickey Capper ’13 suggests a new way to make your parents uncomfortable this weekend:

Got parents? Going out to dinner on Saturday, but don’t know what to do afterwards? Take ’em to Vinnie’s Jump and Jive for some boogying with DJ Bastille. You’ll have fun, your parents’ll be super happy, and you’ll have spent some quality time with your fam before you ditch them to go out and party at Wes. $4 individually and $3 for each person with a family. All proceeds go to supporting Vinnie’s mission of offering affordable dance classes to the community.

Be there, be square, and don’t care!

  • Date: Saturday, October 23
  • Time: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Place: Vinnie’s Jump and Jive, 424 Main Street
  • Cost: $4