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Yeehaw! Wesleyan Equestrian Team Informational Meeting

Do you love to ride horses? Have you always wanted to learn how to ride a horse? Did you have a unicorn folder in second grade? Just a huge fan of Mister Ed?

Gabrielle Jehle ’11 writes in to share some information about Wesleyan’s own fighting Equestrian Team:

Want to learn to ride like this?

Come join the Wesleyan Equestrian Team! Riders of all skill levels (including beginners) ride in weekly lessons and have the option to compete at intercollegiate horse shows. Great people, great horses, lots of fun- find out more at our informational meeting.

Date: Wednesday, February 2
Time: 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Place: Hewitt 9 Lounge
Cost: Bale of Hay (Free)

In other news: end of semester grades

So that’s… 19 posts in a row about the incidents on Fountain last night?

In totally other news, it’s that time of the semester again… the end of it. Where you’re anxiously awaiting (or avoiding) your grades. As in past semesters, it looks like the Major Requirements Worksheet is allowing you to view your grades slightly earlier. Note that you have to be signed into your e-portfolio to access it.

(again, a disclaimer: since this is not your official transcript, it’s possible the professor might change the grade before it officially appears, or something. I’ve never heard of this actually happening, but it might be possible.)

[Edit by Laura] Also, this only will work if your professors actually have finished your grades. Thus, if you’re a social sciences or humanities student, you’re going to have to wait it out for your profs. to grade the 5billion papers they received.

[Edit by Mad] Also, it seems this may not be the case anymore. The normal Academic Transcript from your Student Portfolio is posting that information immediately or almost immediately, as well, I think.

Getting your grades a little earlier

In the past, there has been some processing time between when professors submit grades, and when they’re posted for you to see – specifically, about two days. If this hasn’t been changed this semester, you can still check your grades early by going to the Major Requirements Worksheet.

(disclaimer: it’s possible these may not be your final grades and they could still be edited before becoming official.)