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Portrait Project


From Ryan Heffernan ’16:

Sign up to participate in THE PORTRAIT PROJECT! Sponsored by Art

Artists who participate in THE PORTRAIT PROJECT will be assigned the
name of someone else who also signed up to be an artist. This person
will be your subject and they will also be the artist of a portrait of
another subject. Prior knowledge of or experience interacting with
your subject is not required, and is in fact discouraged. It’s more
fun this way!

The rules: Make a 1×1 foot portrait of your subject in any medium you
chose (painting, drawing, photo, poetry, prose, printmaking,
sculpture, etc.).

The project will culminate in a curated exhibition of our portraits
that will take place in the Usdan display case around Thanksgiving
through the end of the semester. And hopefully a published chapbook of
all the pieces!

There is no requirement for who can sign up, just a commitment that
you will complete your part of the project.


Sign Up here

Date: November 5th to November 10th
Time: Anytime