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Mao: The Musical

Leaping forward since 1893

To celebrate the legacy of Chairman Mao and his triumph of free expression, as epitomized by his firm commitment to “let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend,” Second Stage will be… oh shit, that didn’t happen? Well, in that case,

Mao: The Musical illustrates the fictional story of Mei, a poor woman who lives alone and two men who each fight for her affections. Just as Mei begins to finally fall in love, her life is interrupted and forever changed by the arrival of Mao Zedong. Both a farce and a tragedy, the piece explores the nature of Mao’s cult following and the propaganda of the time period, concealing the horrific reality of the Great Leap Forward and the deaths of more than 18 million individuals.

Audition for Mao: The Musical

We’ve heard of Skype interviews. Now that we’re living in the future and shit, Alan Rodi ’12 welcomes you to the world of Skype auditions. (If you can’t make the in-person audition this week, that is.)

Mao: The Musical follows a fictional love story featuring a lonely woman and both a poor man and a rich man who vie for her affections, all set in the backdrop of Mao Zedong’s rise to power. Both a farce and a tragedy, the piece satirizes Mao’s cult following. The show will take place in late February or early March, weekend TBD.

Please show up any time during the following times with a song that demonstrates your range as a singer.