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The Margaret Jenkins Dance Company presents: “Times Bones”

mjdc_times_bonesFrom Cynthia Tong ’14:

Don’t know what to do this Valentine’s Day weekend with your S.O. or your friends? Consider coming to this amazing dance performance for your Valentine’s Day weekend!

The Margaret Jenkins Dance Company is known nationwide for performing highly charged kinetic works that are at once physically rigorous and intellectually demanding. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of her Company, choreographer Margaret Jenkins created Times Bones (2013) in collaboration with her dancers, composer Paul Dresher, visual designer Alexander V. Nichols, and poet Michael Palmer. Inspired by the myth of Osiris, Ms. Jenkins, with her dancers and collaborators, gathers the scattered “bones” of her past repertory, finding a new dance at the collision of past and present. Regarded as one of this country’s most influential dance-makers, Margaret Jenkins propels the artists and the audience on a journey forward into a rich and unknown territory.