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“Not In My Backyard is Beautiful!” Panel Discussion

We actually didn’t get an e-mail about this, but this panel today with the College of the Environment Think Tank 2012 seems semi-relevant to the current battle that is taking place over the Centerplan development:

NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) environmental protests are usually associated with images and rhetoric of selfish, parochial communities who engage in violent clashes with authorities.  Most social science literature thus far has focused on what policy makers and businesses can do to avoid this kind of opposition.  This panel takes a different view.  Examining NIMBY environmental protests in Germany, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, the four panelists will argue that although they may begin with narrow goals, NIMBY protests can often have positive and lasting influences on environmental policy and governance. 

Eco Art at Usdan

The Environmental Politics seminar would like to invite you to rethink “garbage” this week!

Check out the two eco art installations outside of Usdan that are designed to help us reflect on the waste that we produce though our collective life on campus, as well as discover new and beautiful things that can be created from our trash. Most of the material was collected over the past weekend.

Take a seat in our structure and write your reflections and eco-pledges on the pad of paper provided. Also, take time to meet Wasted – our Solo cup man.

We also invite you to come inside Usdan from 11-1 any day this week to make your own eco art.  We have some supplies at our table, but we also encourage you to bring your own (e.g. the coffee cup or clam shell that you’re about to throw away).