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MA Gov Advertises Wes to ’27 Prefrosh

If you were the governor of Massachusetts and a bunch of third graders asked you what your favorite book was, what would you say?  I’d actually start rambling about Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – best book ever – but I’m not the governor of Massachusetts and I haven’t been in a third grade class in six years.  Anyway, here’s what the real governor said:

“I like a bunch of different books. Have you ever read any Mark Twain?” Again, like the John Legend response, blank stares. “He was a famous novelist and essayist who lived a long time ago, not too far from here,” the governor said, shifting to more of a teacher mode. “He grew up in the South and wrote about growing up on the Mississippi River. I love the way he writes.

“I also like to read history, biographies mostly, and there is a writer named William Manchester who used to teach at Wesleyan University and he wrote some amazing biographies including about a guy named Winston Churchill which I really like.”

Usually when I hear people adopting the “some guy” attitude, it means so much more.  Just sayin’.  If you’re dying to know, the next question was about his favorite food (all food).

Disclaimer: Math isn’t my strong point right now, so third graders may or may not be the eventual class of ’27.

[Thanks to Marianna Foos for the tip] [WBUR]

Casting call for those near Cambridge

Ting Liu ’10 writes:

For those of you interested in film or acting, I am looking for actors for two 16mm shorts I’ll be working on this summer. If you are gonna be in Cambridge, MA, or anywhere close by in the next 6 weeks, please contact me. Most of the shootings will be done during the weekends, and if you are willing to swing by from out of town I can probably help with transportation. No distinction for sex, race, age or physical appearence. Acting experience preferred but most definitely not required.

Although I cannot afford to compensate you monetarily, money can’t buy what you are about to experience.

Ted Kennedy to speak at graduation

Senator Ted Kennedy (D) of Massachusetts is apparently the commencement speaker for this year (although if there’s been any real effort at on-campus publicity on the subject, Wesleying hasn’t caught wind of any of it.)

According the Wesleyan Connection newsletter, the one and only Pres. Michael Roth has commented that, “Senator Kennedy has long been a thoughtful and energetic supporter of higher education in the United States. In this time of great change at our universities, it is particularly important to hear his perspective.”

The article continues:

“Throughout his career, Kennedy has been an advocate for universal health care, immigration reform, raising the minimum wage, defending the rights of workers and their families, strengthening civil rights, assisting individuals with disabilities, fighting for cleaner water and cleaner air, and protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare.

‘Senator Kennedy’s career of service to our highest national ideals models the qualities of leadership and civic engagement that liberal arts colleges and unversities seek to develop in our students,” Roth says. “We are proud to host so powerful an advocate for education and civil rights, and particularly to have him address our graduating seniors, their families, and the larger Wesleyan community.’

Kennedy is currently the senior Democrat on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee in the Senate. He also serves on the Judiciary Committee, where he is the s enior Democrat on the Immigration Subcommittee, and on the Armed Services Committee, where he is the senior Democrat on the Seapower Subcommittee.”

Kennedy is tied to Wesleyan through his son, Edward Jr.,’84, and his step-daughter, who will graduate this May. He’s been known to make appearances at Homecoming Weekend, so I suppose this isn’t an enormous surprise. Nevertheless, he should have some interesting things to say.