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“Wesleyan Thinks Big” Good To Go Post-Spring Break

Last November, I posted on this event voting thing that was going around Facebook. It was called “Best Professors at Wes,” and it was a space that offered the creation of an academic wish list.

The Facebook event, now closed, asked the question: Which Wesleyan Professors would you like to see speak in a ten-minute TED-talk style arena?

Yesterday, following almost four months of quiet, the lineup has been revealed:

Mary-Jane Rubenstein: “Asceticosmologies: Modern Science as Religious Practice”
Matthew Kurtz: “Nature vs. Nurture: the Example of Psychosis”
Richard “Richie” Adelstein: “States without Romance”
Leah Wright: “The Death of Affirmative Action: Rethinking the Debate”
John Finn: “Poor Joshua: Private Space & The Constitution”
Jeanine “Badass” Basinger: TBD

Featuring President Roth as emcee, ready to drop sick beats. (Ten bucks if he beatboxes)

It is set to take place on Thursday, March 29th, from 8.00pm-9.30pm, at the Memorial Chapel.

Tickets will be FREE and available in Usdan during all mealtimes, starting March 26th. If you’re so inclined, you can also friggin’ reserve a ticket online. Hit up the Facebook event here.

Now, why am I posting about this event so damn early?

Simple: given the size of the Chapel, and given my caffeine-filled experience lining up for Scalia, I’m trying to give the organizers a clearer picture of whether they need to involve simultaneous video-casting, or if they need to move the event to a bigger location if interest and demand is high enough. So, if you’re totally into this event, RESERVE A TICKET NOW so that they can rack up the numbers and know where they stand.

Psychiatry Unchained: Film Screening and Discussion

Raghu Appasani ’12 hollas:

Before heading on down to our benefit dinner at MONDO come and check out “Psychiatry Unchained” hosted by The MINDS Foundation. [Ed. Note: For MONDO event, refer to post above.]

Mental disorders will soon be the leading cause in global burden of disease. On a global scale major depressive disorder already causes health consequences that are equal to that of ischemic heart diseases.

Disability related to mental disorders has negative effects on productivity and financial consequences fort the individual and his family. But for people who in live in chronic conflict or poverty, psychological problems are not only important as determinants of health, but also as barriers to rebuild both individual and family life, as well as rebuilding society as a whole.

Date:   April 27
Time:   6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place:  FISK 302

This event is hosted by The MINDS Foundation. Facebook event here.

Info on the discussion speakers after the jump.