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Honor Board Application Deadline Extended

Following up from a previous messageMax “Shoot the Mad Dogs” Livingston ’12 sends his beard to deliver this message:

The deadline for applying to the Honor Board has been extended to
Monday 4/9 at 4:00pm, due to the fact that I forgot to submit the ad
to Wesleying until right before it was originally due.

Remember, the Honor Board is not the SJB, we’ll never send you e-mails
pretending you’re in trouble.

Here’s former Wesleyan President William Chace writing about fighting
the good fight.

Here’s the application.

Only you can stop wildfires.

Wes Tae Kwan Do Interest Meeting

Do you know Max Livingston ’12? He’s really lanky, weird-lookin’ mop-headed dude that does the walks from the Ministry of Silly Walks pretty well (and that may or may not be his prime talent). For some reason, he’s also in WesTKD, or Wes Tae Kwan Do, or Kids from Wesleyan who Kicks the Shit out of Things. Anyway:

Come to the first meeting this year of Wesleyan’s Tae Kwon Do club!
The perfect club for all those interested in kicking ass, WesTKD is
open to everyone, no experience necessary. Come to Freeman on Monday
night, and we will teach you how to kick, punch, and be cool.
Beginners are always welcome. This is a great opportunity to learn one
of the most popular martial arts in the world (also one of the only
martial arts with its own Olympic event). If you need any more
convincing, just watch the video.

Date: February 6
Time: 8:00 PM – 9 PM
Place: Freeman Wrestling Room