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May 2 Collective website now online

Katie Shelly ’09 has created a website for the May 2 Collective, creators of the outdoor art show that you may have seen on Foss Hill near the end of the semester:

the may 2 collective—- was a free-form collective of about 15 or so wesleyan students formed at the beginning of last semester—-our objective was to plan and install an outdoor art show as a group on may 2 2008—–we were a mix of people, majoring in everything from drawing to neuroscience to sociology—–it rained on may 2 so the show was actually carried out on may 6, the last day of classes—–but we kept our original name: the may 2 collective

our show had everything from taxidermy to flying skateboards to a thesis-turned-naval fleet…

you can check out images of the show digito-retro-actively at our new website

As a fellow Help Desker, and after working so hard to create the May 2 Collective site, Katie wrote a tip-sheet explaining how to use Adobe Dreamweaver to create and host your own website on your Wesleyan webspace. The tip-sheet has been posted on the Help Desk website:

A HOT TIPPPP for young aspiring DIY weswebdesigners::::::
it took some detective work with ITS to figure out how to make dreamweaver compatible with wesfiles to publish this site. i made a howto tipsheet for the ITS blog to share what we learned

for those of you interested in making use of your wesleyan-granted URL [username.web.wesleyan.edu] or if you want to make a website for your WSA-recognized student group [groupname.web.wesleyan.edu] dreamweaver is a great, flexible, program to do this. there are real easy-to-understand tutorials on how to use the program on the adobe website, and dreamweaver is available for student use on all wesleyan lab computers. if you run into any questions, you can always email me with the subject line WEBSITE HELP! or find me during the school year at my job at the ITS Helpdesk….

happy website-making, wesleyan!!!!