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Former Middletown mayor’s pending appointment to oversee CT elections enforcement concerns students and state officials

Gabriela De Golia ’13 brings us some news about former Middletown mayor Sebastian N. Giuliano, and what it potentially means for Wesleyan students’ ability to vote in the 2012 elections.

As of Friday the 13th, the bi-partisan and independent Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission, whose mission is supposedly to “ensure the integrity of the state’s electoral process,” announced Giuliano’s pending appointment as its Executive Director and General Counsel.

In case you somehow missed the hoopla that was the November 2011 Middletown elections, Giuliano was the former mayor during whose time in office Wesleyan students are reported to have experienced unprecedented difficulties to get out and vote (click here, here, here, and here for more info on all of that). Gabriela states:

“If someone like Giuliano – who is already on record for making it so difficult for students to vote in Middletown – is allowed to be the senior official who oversees all elections in the state, I can’t even imagine the difficulties all Connecticut college students will have trying to vote in 2012 and beyond that.”

Giuliano’s appointment is scheduled to be formally approved on Wednesday, January 18th. This is also two days after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which celebrates civil – namely voting – rights.

Despite the short notice and being on break, Gabriela says that she, a couple other students, and some state officials are “working to prevent this from happening, and that there is more info to come very soon.” So stay tuned.