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Dan and Seb’s Epic Battle: Liveblogging the Middletown Mayoral Debate

Not pictured: candidates.

Hey folks! I’m sitting in Crowell right now next to wieb$ preparing to liveblog the Middletown mayoral debate. So far, the scene isn’t too exciting; we’ve got a handful of people sitting in seats or milling about, a small child who runs down the steps every few minutes, and a television reporter standing behind me trying to figure out how to plug in his microphone, to no avail. We’ll be indicating which one of us is posting by timestamps and brackets. I would explain this further, but doing so seems unnecessary.

T-minus 7 minutes to start. Keep an eye on this post – updates below the jump.

Middletown Mayoral Debate

Coming atchoo live this thirsty Thirrrsday from Crowell Concert Hall: the Middletown Mayoral Debate, starring Republican incumbent Mayor Sebastian Giuliano, Democrat candidate Dan Drew, and moderator Peter Frank ’12. Sponsored by the Wesleyan Student Assembly, in conjunction with Wesleying, The Middletown Eye, the Center for Community Partnerships, WesDems, Wesleyan Republicans, Woodrow Wilson Debate Society, and Psi U. (Yes, this blog is cosponsoring, and yes, we will also be liveblogging for those who can’t make it.)

The candidates are the same as in ’09: Sebastian Giuliano is again the incumbent candidate and has been mayor of Middletown since 2005. Drew remains the fresh-faced Democratic challenger, with a nifty website, Facebook page, and some well-honed fundraising skills.

Mayoral Debate looks for Weskid to Moderate; REPRESENT


Right. So. There’s this email that’s been sent out to the entire campus looking for a Weskid to moderate the upcoming debate (sponsored by the WSA, and I’m not sure if this is true but I heard also Diet Pepsi) between the Democrat and Republican candidates for mayor. It writes:

On Thursday, October 20th, the Wesleyan Student Assembly will be sponsoring a debate between the Democratic and Republican candidates for Mayor in Middletown.


If you are interested in serving as the debate moderator, please email a statement of under 150 words of why you would be a good moderator along with your name, class year and phone number to wsa(at)wesleyan(dot)edu. You must send in your application by 11:59 PM this Thursday. You must also sign up for an interview by Friday at noon in the WSA office. Interviews will be this Friday afternoon.

Go for it, folks! Also, I will give you the highest of fives if you actually wear what Colbert’s wearing.