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Everyone Can Calm Down, the Points Calculator is Updated!

While I’d like to assume that most of our readers visit this wonderful blog to read our #hip #content, it appears as if a lot of our web traffic is actually from people attempting to use the points calculator.

Maybe in my old age (and my all-points meal plan), I don’t have as much points-related anxiety as y’all, but I’ve never actually used the calculator. However, I acknowledge its utility, and some of you are extremely vigilant at reminding us when it’s not updated for the new semester.

Anyways, all of this to say:

Happy spring semester, and remember, there’s almost always a junior or senior who can spare some points to an underclassman in need, and the youngins who still get meal swipes can generally swipe you in with a guest swipe if you’re on all points!

Check your meal plan progress with the Points Calculator!

spring 2017 points calc

Now that we’re 27 days into the spring semester, you’ve probably had enough time to set up an eating routine, whether that’s anywhere from 0-2 Usdan meals a day or always getting takeout from Weswings or ordering all your food bulk and never leaving your house. And with co-op swipe day coming up this Wednesday, it’s probably a good time to make sure you’re on track with your meal plan.

Wesleying’s Points Calculator is here to help! Just click on the meal plan you have, enter how many meals and/or points you have left, and it should tell you if you’re using more or less than a projected weekly value. (Spring break isn’t being counted, so if you’re going to be here, plan on leaving some extra points for those two weeks.) You can check how many meals and points you have left here.

As always, if this points calc isn’t working, email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org to let us know. Happy eating!

We$hop: Fancy (You Already Know), But Why so Expensive?


If you’ve visited Weshop this year (everyone, right?), you’ve probably noticed some changes to the layout from last year. There’s more space, some tables in the middle, and new products, it seems. I talked to Weshop director Gary Kriksciun, who explained that the new layout is intended to open up the store–creating a better flow and providing a better shopping experience, one of Bon Appetit’s primary goals. The tables often offer sale items, and sometimes have a seasonal flair (like the Halloween table). However, if you notice new products, it’s because—according to Kriksciun—Weshop is “constantly adding new products.”

Of course, there’s the kicker: WHY IS WESHOP SO EXPENSIVE?

Wesleyan Gives Me Sixteen Bucks a Day to Survive

Screenshot 2014-09-01 21.00.01

I’m on the all declining balance plan (1629 points for the semester), and when you average that out from the day we moved back on campus (Aug 30th) to the end of the fall semester (December 14th), I get exactly 16.29 points per day to use to feed myself.

But how, you ask, did I figure that out? Well, Wesleying’s fancy Points Calculator, which has been out of commission since Spring 2013, is finally back. After spending two hours relying on Google and web tutorials, I managed to get it up and running again—and should stay that way for semesters to come.

All you need to do is first check your current balance of meals and points, which can be done through Blackboard, and then select the meal plan you’re on. It’ll then have to fields for you to enter: the number of meals you have left, then the number of points you have left. Once you fill those in, it’ll compute the amount of meals or points you have left for the rest of the semester!

Go check it out, and if you have any concerns shoot us an email at staff[at]wesleying.org.

Sit Tight, ACB: The New WesPoints

The ACB is all worked up about the lack of WesPoints this semester. “How will I ever figure out how many points I can spend in a day now?” ” Im guessing the person who maintained it let the domain expire. Maybe they graduated.”

Rest easy. Thanks to Anonymous ’13 and the Wesleyan iOS Application Development Club, WesPoints is back and updated for the new semester, promising “a way for Wesleyan students to calculate their points/meals spent at Wesleyan University.” Here’s the tip we received:

Anonymous ’13 wants to inform the campus that the WesPoint app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is updated for the Fall 2012 semester! Link is here. Or in iTunes store. Search “wespoint”

Here’s the link. It’s free, and it totally “changes the way we calculate points, again.” (Not really.) There aren’t any reviews in iTunes yet, so add your own.

Online Points Calculator

Earlier this week we posted about WesPoints, a personalized points calculator designed by anonymous audacious developers for iPhone users with budgeting needs. If the number of comments is any indication (current count: 16), demand is high. But not everyone one campus has an iPhone (I thought I was the last one), and so the endlessly practical WesFood is here to save the day:

Non-iPhone users may like to know that the online points calculator at this link has been updated for the Spring semester. The main WesFood site has also started running again; currently, it’s still just Weswings and Star & Crescent that are supported, but better integration with those dining options, support for Red & Black, Usdan, and Summerfields, and better mobile functionality for wesfood.com/points are in the works.

FUCK YEAH WESFOODS. In addition to the aforementioned points calculator, you can head over to that destination for daily menu updates, dining hours, and pertinent linkage.

WesPoints: It’s Finally Here

You bitched about it in the shoutbox, and we told you to sit tight. “If only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs, “I could calculate my points and meals expenditure on my iPhone or iPod touch while on the go.”

Now, thanks to the grinding labor of Anonymous Whoever ‘?? and the Wesleyan iOS Application Development Club, you can. That’s thanks to WesPoints, “a points calendar made by Wesleyan students for Wesleyan students,” compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The developers write:

A Wesleyan points/meals calculator of Spring’12. Calculate the spendings of your points and meals this Spring semester using this application on your iPhone and/or iPod touch!

Meal Plan Advice to Frosh

College Cafeteria

The Meal Plan selection deadline of August 1st is fast approaching. The Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) wants to make sure you, as an incoming student, have as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision. We hope this letter will help you choose the Meal Plan best suited to your lifestyle.

Wesleyan offers four Meal Plan options for freshmen: Block 135 (the default plan), Block 165, Block 210, and Block 285. The overwhelming majority of freshmen choose Block 135: last spring, after frosh had a semester to figure out their dining habits, 83.4% of frosh selected the Block 135 plan.

The reason Block 135 is so popular is that it provides the most “points” of any Meal Plan. “Points,” unlike “Meals”, can be used at any dining location on campus including Pi Café, Weshop, WesWings , Usdan Café, and Red and Black Cafe. In comparison, “Meals” can only be used at the two traditional dining hall locations (Usdan Marketplace and Summerfields). All grab-and-go sandwiches, a la carte items, coffee, sushi, breakfast pastries, snacks, and groceries, plus all other items not sold at Usdan Marketplace or Summerfields, can only be purchased with “Points.” Also, while “points” roll-over from fall to spring semester—although not from year to year—leftover “meals” are wiped out at the end of every semester. For the greater flexibility afforded by more “points”, most students favor the Block 135 plan.

WSA’s Meal Plan Analysis, Revisited

A couple of weeks ago, the Argus printed a story titled “WSA Targets Meal Plan: Unused Meals and Points Estimated at $1 Million,” along with an editorial (cache) about the usefulness of the WSA’s analysis of meal plan usage. Despite the potential for serious reflection on the meal plan and student dissatisfaction with their options, the Argus went the way of criticizing the mathematical limitations of the analysis and defending the current system as the administration’s best possible effort. If someone had told me that Dean Rick Culliton himself wrote the editorial then the Argus’ stance would make a little more sense to me. As it is, I’m going to have to assume that whoever wrote/approved of the article and editorial either did not understand what was presented in the memorandum sent out to members of the administration or simply missed the point.

Wesleying has gotten a copy of the analysis (available here, courtesy of the WSA) and, after a conversation with WSA President Mike Pernick ’10*, I think I have gotten a pretty good handle of  the key points and implications of the analysis. Quite a few of you must agree with the perspective the Argus took, but I am taking this as an opportunity to look at the data from the perspective of a frustrated student.

*Our conversation clarified the analysis itself and what the WSA’s biggest concerns were. Opinions in this post are entirely mine.

Last day to order items through WEShop

Shopping cartToday is the last day to place bulk and/or personal orders for food items at WEShop. Points expire at the end of the year, so now might be a good time to stock up on some special order yum-yums. I’d assume that you should get to WEShop before 5:00 to place an order.

As a reminder, WEShop will not fill orders for TVs, Corvettes, or gold jewelry.