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Meals and Points: a Portrait of a Hungry Freshman


I left for Thanksgiving Break with exactly one meal and 23 points to my name. On the car ride home, I made some careful calculations:

Because one bottle of Naked Juice costs roughly three points, I’ll be able to average one Naked Juice every other day for the rest of the semester! And hey, I can even visit Usdan once!

But this isn’t all fun and games. With the arrival of finals, I’m pretty much screwed.

Thus, over Thanksgiving break, instead of wasting my time studying, I decided to formulate a plan to avoid being hungry. After hearing about my friends’ frequent hunger pangs, I thought it was best to publicly document my quest to remain properly fed.

But before I could lay out a plan of attack, I knew I had to address this problem strategically. I quickly hopped on WesAdmits to consult my fellow students about their experiences with year-end hunger.

“I managed to obtain a Bon Appetit uniform and snuck into Usdan one or two times last year,” Anonymous Cardinal ’16 confided to me in a Facebook message. “I felt terrible about it, but I didn’t want to die of starvation.”

Fall ’12 Points Calculator

Wondering if you’re going to run out of points if you keep getting coffee at Pi three times a day?

 About this time of year I start wondering if my spending habits are unhealthy. Are you wondering too? Wesleying now has an updated Fall 2012  Meal/Points Calculator.

Wesleying has decided (well, I did) that we should host a points calculator and actually keep it up to date. So whenever you find that the Wesleying points calculator is old, just complain by sending an email to staff <at> wesleying <dot> org. Code is originally by Jeff Ruberg ’12.

Fall Break Is A Thing That Is Happening Now Here

Hey guys, Fall Break. It’s just a four-day weekend, but that’s okay with us. Wesleying will be a bit quiet over the next few days. Frankly, we’re still pretty pooped from getting a little schwasty during the Vice Presidential Debate last night, but don’t mind us. Everything’s cool. If you’re looking for somewhere else to procrastinate, I humbly recommend Pretty Colors.

If you’re having yourself an old-fashioned staycation (side note: this Wikipedia article has one of the best photo choices imaginable), do remember to eat. Marco’s Deli is your friend. Red & Black is open regular hours all weekend. Main Street is only like two blocks away. Usdan will not be your destination. Here’s a glimpse at the Fall Break Dining Hours on campus:

Unofficial Orientation Series: Middletown Eateries, Part 1

Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list of eating options in Middletown. Many of the restaurants we missed will be featured in a second installment, but feel free to add your own mentions in the comments.

To all the incoming students of Orientation 2012: if you think you are landing in the middle of nowhere, trust me—that is not the case. This is especially true on the culinary side of things, because Middletown is home to many fabulous restaurants. In light of this, we are providing you with a two-part list of some of Wesleyan students’ favorite places to eat in Middletown. Be forewarned, though: this is a (very) incomplete list. See more of Part 1 of this food series after the jump!