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Sexy Time: Gettin’ Wordy and Talkin’ Dirty

From WesWell:

WesWell and the Peer Health Advocates are bringing Megan Andelloux back!

-Looking for a more perfect union of you and your partners’ desires?
-Trying to figure out what gets you off and how to say that to your partner?
-Interested in exploring what ethical sexuality might look like?

Improve your SEXY TIME with fun new phrases. Learn more about consent in and out the bedroom. Come for a great talk and awesome sex toys. You will be very satisfied.

Date: Monday, Nov 11
Time: 7PM to 9PM
Place: Memorial Chapel

Sex Questions Answered!

Megan Andelloux, who will be landing the magical Sex Education Jet on Wesleyan’s tarmac tomorrow night, has a new Youtube channel up.

In each video, she answers an anonymous question from one of her audiences which she didn’t have time to answer during a presentation. Whatever your awkward questions, if you’re a sex nerd, or if you’re trying educate yourself while avoiding homework… between Megan’s videos and her workshop on sex toys tomorrow night, you should be set. Below is her first video, in which she answers a question about putting starbusts in a vagina (and answers seriously, respectfully, and scientifically, at that).


Annual Sex Toy Workshop!

The fabulously intelligent, friendly, open-minded, beautiful Megan Andelloux will be gracing Wesleyan with her fierce presence this Wednesday. It will be more than worth your hour and a half. From her website:

Sex toys. Alone or with a companion, sex toys give the possibility of enhancing and widening your sexual landscape. But where to start?! The choices can be overwhelming and leave a person breathless from the sheer volume of options.

Sassy, and sex-positive Megan Andelloux is a Certified Sexuality Educator. She will be be leading this workshop about the joys of sex toy play, how to incorporate them into your sex life and give you straightforward and honest information about each item’s best use, shelf life, and more… to help YOU figure out what would work best for YOUR playtime, be it with yourself or with others!

Date: Wednesday, November 3rd
Time: 8:30 – 10 pm
Place: Shanklin 107
Cost: Free
Level of Awesomeness: Extremely high

Fornication 101

Fornication 101
Department of Sexology
Instructor: Oh Megan

Course Description: A study of how people experience the erotic and express themselves as sexual beings with an emphasis on jollies, attitude awareness and sexual skill building.

This course is designed to introduce students to carnal knowledge, comfort in awkward situations and hot safer sex behaviors.

Topics and exposure include: ejaculation, petting kitties, putting condoms on with your mouth, anal adventures, g-spot stimulation, sexual positions.

While these types of events cannot be observed in the usual state of nakedness; consensual participation of attendees is highly encouraged in order to scientifically study the wide range of human sexual behavior.

Facebook event here.

Date: Friday, March 26
Time: 7pm
Place: Judd 116

Sixth Annual Sexual Health Expo & Fornication 101 by Megan Andelloux

Convened each year by WesWELL, the goal of the Sexual Health Expo is to promote sexual health and responsibility and increase student knowledge of campus health resources. A variety of issues are addressed, including promoting healthy relationships, disease and pregnancy prevention, sexual violence prevention, current political issues related to sexual and reproductive rights, and more.

We have a full day of events planned:

11:30am – Sexpo begins! Come to see displays organized by the PHAs, Davison Health Center, Planned Parenthood, Clinic Escorts, Take Back the Night, and more. Oh and don’t forget to take a picture with our giant genitalia models!
1:00pm – Talk With Me Baby Workshop
2:30pm – Wessex Workshop
4:00pm – Sexpo ends

Then at 4:15 you can go to WesKink’s How to Engage in Sex Positive Kink and/or BDSM Workshop:

In our workshop participants will learn how to start safely exploring their kinkier sides. First, participants will receive a brief introduction to what safe BDSM means. We’ll walk through general rules and resources for finding safe information, toys, and partners. Afterwards participants will get a chance to create their own negotiation checklists and practice partner negotiations. Come with questions! We’ll try our best to answer them at the end of the workshop, and if we can’t, chances are pretty good that we know where to send you to find them.

Place: Exley 139

And… perhaps the most exciting of all:

7:00pmMEGAN ANDELLOUX will be running a Better Sex Workshop in Judd 116. She’s the expert on EVERYTHING sex. Check out her website. Whether you come to ask questions, hear her speak or purchase some sex toys, just make sure you get there!

Facebook event here. Invite your friends!

Date: Friday, March 26th
Time: 11:30am – 4pm; 7pm
Place: Exley Lobby, Judd 116