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Film Series: Sans Soleil

1983. France. Dir: Chris Marker. Documentary. 100 min.

“Like a piece of sci-fi anthropology, Sans Soleil visits humanity as if from another planet.” In a fictional travelogue, ranging from an encounter with a Japanese techno-cult to distant recollections of watching Vertigo as a child, Marker tries to piece together the jigsaw of reality by exploring the insanity of memory.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Pyxis Release: Spring 2013 Issue

pyxis_spring 2013_cover

The editors of Pyxis write in about their latest issue:

Pyxis, Wesleyan’s student-run humanities journal, is proud to announce the release of our Spring 2013 issue! Pyxis presents student academic writing in the humanities, covering a variety of fields to shed new light on a topic and create engaging conversation and inquiry. Last Fall’s issue centered around the idea of “bodies”, and this semester’s issue offers fresh perspectives on “memory”. These essays, carefully selected and peer-reviewed, explore tradition, history, trauma, psychology, and postmodernism, among many concepts.

Featuring essays from:

Zach Schonfeld ’13
Peter Myers ’13
John Schmidt ’13
Nick Myerberg ’14
Christina Ermillio ’13
Kyra Sutton ’13

Memory and Event Recollection Study (with $10 Compensation)


Zach Dravis ’15 and the memory and event recollection study team lets you know how to earn $10 without getting out of bed:

Interested in earning $10 while taking part in an enjoyable memory study? We are inviting you to participate in a 2-part memory and event recollection study that takes less than an hour total and is completely online! Fill out the participation form now to receive further instructions about the study! Our research team will verify your eligibility so you can proceed with the study.

Date: Now!
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Pyxis Call for Submissions: “Memory”

wordcloud_memory_finalClaire Seoin Choi ’13 is calling all writers and artists:

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” — Marcel Proust

What does it mean to remember, or to forget? In his chef d’oeuvre In Search of Lost Time, Marcel Proust questions how one remembers and accesses memory. Proust, however, is not alone in this exploration. Many other scholars have delved into the topic of memory and investigated its importance in social organization, historical construction, and personal and group narratives. This semester, Pyxis invites you to contribute your academic work on this theme. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

How do we express memory in literature, in visual form, in performance? How do the stories we tell ourselves–through narratives, myths, or collective memories–structure the world around us? How is memory constructed, recorded, represented, manipulated?