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Photos: Zongo Junction, or BuHo Halloween: A Night of Groovin’

Last night at Buddhist House, Afrobeat ensemble Zongo Junction and Wesleyan band Men with Bad Manners created one of the most intimate, feel-good concert environments that Wesleyan has seen all year. MWBM kicked off the show with their deep, mellow reggae grooves. The group’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Immanuel Lokwei ’12, brought a roots-reggae vibe to the show with his passionate and vibrant voice. He animated the crowd with wild jumping and dread-lock swinging; his energetic movements and bright vocals seemed to emulate the remarkable stage presence of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, two legends in the world of Reggae. Julian Gal ’14 carried the rhythm sections with his traditional dub-style but distinctively complex bass lines. The horn section consisted of Andrew Pfeiffer ’13 on trombone, Noah Rush ’14 on trumpet, and Jeremy Keim-Shenk ’12. These guys and their bright brass sounds brought rays of [musical] sunshine into the room and embodied the band’s warm, Jamaican sound. Check out MWBM’s newest album, Seed Sankara, here.

Zongo Junction certainly upped the ante when they stepped on stage.

Halloween Part 2: Zongo Junction and Men W/ Bad Manners

Noah Rush ’14 writes in:

After the storm, come celebrate Halloween one more time with Zongo Junction, an 11-piece afrobeat band hailing from that factory of bands, Brooklyn, New York. It’s gonna be dope, da dope dope dope. Check em out.

Opening for Zongo will be Wesleyan’s most altruistic band, Men With Bad Manners, who unlike all other Howe Pearson projects, still exist at Wesleyan. If you don’t know who Howe Pearson is, educate yo self. Also check out MWBM

Date: Friday, November 2
Time: 10:00 pm – 2:00 am
Place: Buddhist House, 356 Washington (Freshmen, walk to the side of campus you’ve never been to before!)
Cost: 00000000

UCAB’s Bi-Annual Music & S’mores

 It’s that time again, friends. Music, Marshmallows, Chocolate, Graham Crackers, S’mores, Redundancy—we’ll have it all this Thursday.

The bands Men With Bad Manners and The Rooks each will be playing a set while you get your s’mores on and hang out with your friends. The event is free, including the raffle to win some delectable prizes. So what are you doing this Thursday? Charring some marshmallow fluff and rocking out—that’s what.

Date: Thursday, May 3rd
Time: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Place: Outside Usdan
Cost: Free!

Men with Bad Manners Plant “Seed Sankara!”

The reggae album of the year is upon us!

Men with Bad Manners, featuring all of Wesleyan’s greatest musicians, has released its debut album, Seed Sankara. Not only is the music stupendous (produced by Buru Style’s Andrew Fogliano ’10), but it’s also for a great cause. MWBM includes Immanuel Lokwei ’12, Howe Pearson ’12, Matt Hurwit ’12, and Jesse Humm ’12.

Your support will help the Kapseret Soccer Club and Long Mouth Social Forum promote social dialogue, peaceful coexistence, and the revaluation of artistic creations in ethnically torn parts of rural Kenya.

Buy the album on Bandcamp or download hit single “Town Cow Skank” for free.

Men with Bad Manners Album Release Party (with D.O.P.E.)

Jeremy Keim-Shenk ’12 invites you to:

Men with Bad Manners with D.O.P.E. (Drummers of Peace and Equality)!!!

Come, for your help will support the Kapseret Soccer Club and Long Mouth Social Forum to promote social dialogue, peaceful coexistence, and revaluation of artistic creations in ethnically torn parts in rural Kenya.

One of the lines you hear this Saturday night goes, “Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Brown wanna hold I down.” Actually this is Nasio Fontaine’s song so you won’t hear the song but Mr. and Mrs. Brown will be there with you. Okay, you don’t know who Nasio is. Don’t you feel shame  that the only vocabulary you recall in the reggae world is Bob Marley and nothing more? Exactly. So come for a night of rub-a-dub and riddims full of roots and culture!

Album release coming soon!

Time: Tonight, 10 p.m. – 2 a.m.
WestCo Cafe
Cost: Free! (but accepting donations to the Kapseret Soccer Club)
Facebook Event. 

Nitic’s Crotebook: Chants, Kill-F, Men with Bad Manners, Femi the DriFish

Still recovering from the weekend? Wesleying, too. Pictured above: Men With Bad Manners’ spirited funk-inflected resurrection at Buddhist House on Saturday night.  (Remember those guys? Remember that time they played Hewitt 9? No, you’re confused—you’re thinking of ska-bridge.)

At any rate, a brief photographic roundup of funk/hip hop/generally loud weekend happenings lies below. Kill-F (Will F. ’13, still reeling from his recent EP release) brought his latest brew of twisted solo rhymes to the stage for the first time, opening for rapper Cities Aviv in the hallowed Psi U ballroom. Men With Bad Manners set BuHo on the right path, laying some damn firm foundation for Baltimore alt-hip hop crew Femi the DriFish on the mic, who may or may not have been The-Roots-in-1994-time-traveling-in-disguise (not pictured: J-Pope, Funk Friday).

And also, Chants. Those guys from Awesomefest. With the costumes. At Beckham. What?

Men With Bad Manners at Music House

Howe Pearson ’12 writes in with this ambiguous call to action:

Men With Bad Manners are playing tonight (that’s 9/16) at Music House. The atmosphere within and about their audiences and them has always been full of Jah enchantments. Their joyous sounds are carriages to tangible euphoria that last for eternity. CAUTION: Planning to attend their shows is committing your will and energies to these mad men invested with bad manners. Before you know, and without your consent, you’ll be in the above mentioned state. Perhaps you’ll regret later why you had not known them beforehand. But again, everything comes before you! And Men With Bad Manners will be there on stage before your arrival.

Hear their inconsiderate music here.

Date: Friday, September 16th
Time: 10:00 PM
Place: Music Haus

Wes EarthFest Coverage by Middletown Patch

Middletown Patch offers up some video and news coverage of Friday’s first Wes Earth Day celebration on Foss, which featured performances by Bones Complex and Men With Bad Manners:

Guilmette said mostly everything came together without a hitch — save for the sound system. But that was quickly resolved and the first student band, Men With Bad Manners, took the stage with a slow reggae tune.

Wesleyan Farmers Market organizers Danny O’Donnell, ’14, and Olivia May, ’14, offered warm, just-blended samples of almond-walnut butter on slices of banana or apple.

The event ran from 3-6 p.m. and proceeds from the gently used clothing sale and silk-screened T-shirts benefitted the CT Fund for the Environment.

Photos + full story here. Video after the jump.

Buru Style and Men With Bad Manners @ Westco

Jake Schofield ’12 sends in important information about “music that is super-fantastic” and may or may not lead to “the best night of your life,” so plan accordingly:

This Friday night promises to be the best night of your life. The festivities begin with Men With Bad Manners at 10 PM, playing their signature blend of music that is super-fantastic.

After that, the Other-International-Haitian-Super-Star-Who-Didn’t-Try-To-Run-For-President Ajahni will go into a trance-like state of reggae brilliance with the veteran stage-men of Buru Style.

Ya’ll already know how Buru gets down. If you don’t, then hot damn! You gots to ask somebody! Just come! And have the most magnificent night of your life!  But most importantly, don’t forget to bring a can a food for the Amazing Grace Food Pantry!

  • Date: Friday, November 19
  • Time: 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Place: Westo Cafe
  • Cost: Free