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Procrastination Destination: fake fb events

this is the fakest fb event bc it doesn’t even exist!

If you’re worried about missing the continuous stream of Wesleyan-related FB event invitations during break, never fear. I’ve complied this list of those ridiculous fake events for some last minute procrastination. If you’re so inclined, express your interest on facebook to broadcast to your friends just how screwed you are, or to gloat that you’re already finished.

Video Exclusive: Guy Meowing In Tree Outside Hall-Atwater

Continuing Wesleying’s Pulitzer-winning coverage of wildlife happenings on campus, we interrupt this broadcast to let you know that there is a guy meowing in a tree outside Hall-Atwater right now. Kate Gibbel ’15 frantically reports via email:

There’s a guy meowing in a tree outside of hall Atwater right now. Student in a tree, unknown duration but definitely from 11:30-12. I took the video. I’m thinking this is for social psych. It’s pretty fucking ridiculous

No word on who ze is, how ze got there, how long ze has been stationed, and whether or not this is viral promotion for tomorrow’s tea party with imaginary friends, but we’re grateful for any information you can provide. In the meantime, we’ve dutifully reported the  incident to @OverheardAtWes:

If the mystery mewoer sticks around for another five minutes, ze can translate hir concerns into chalk at today’s Massive Legal Daytime Chalk-In.