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WSA campaigning on Wesleying

Hey WSA candidates,

As you prepare for this week’s elections, keep in mind that, as always, Wesleying is inviting you to campaign here on the blog. Especially since there are 30 (wtf?) of you freshmen running, you might want to help your constituents tell you apart.

If you’d like to have a little blurb (no more than 120 words) and a photo here, email it to us at staff@wesleying.org by Wednesday night and we’ll post it before voting ends on Friday.

A note on Wesleying comments

Hey friends,

In the interest of promoting better discussion in the comment sections of Wesleying posts, we’re requiring readers to provide a name and email address with their comments from now on.

We don’t know how you feel about it, but it’s really annoying to read a comment thread (like this one, or this one, or this one) where almost everything is written by “Anonymous”, and commenters have to refer to each other by their posting order or timestamp if they get into a debate or discussion.

As always, we encourage you to use your real name, or at least a consistent nickname, when you comment. You can still be anonymous (well, pseudonymous) – the only difference now is that “Anonymous” won’t be the default setting.

If having to write in a name/email every time you comment is too taxing, feel free to register an account. You can stay signed in whenever you visit Wesleying, and maybe even establish an online identity – an important step towards your Internet self-actualization.


band ruckus

Hey readers,

A bunch of our biggest contributors graduated last semester, and we are very actively accepting new ones this year. This could mean you!

Wesleying was created as a student-driven space to promote a sense of community on campus, and we hope we’ve helped do so over the past three years.  Now that we’re settled here on our new site and processing events won’t be as time-sucking as before, we’re bringing the focus back to content.

As a Wesleying blogger you can be part of Wesleyan’s most frequently read media source, with the potential to shape campus discourse and the ability to keep Wespeople informed and entertained… and procrastinating. Wesleying is as good as whatever its contributors put into it, so let us know what you’ve got.

Do you know or have a lot to say about Weslife? Do you or people you know do cool stuff on/around campus? Do you want to break news as it happens? Do you take sweet campus photos? Do you like to Photoshop things? Are you into Wes music, and can you describe it in words?  Are you a human filter for Internet media? Do you know your memes? Are you a news junkie with an eye for things relevant to us at Wes? Do you possess keen wit and/or discerning taste? Do you write good? Does weird/messed up shit happen to you or your friends sometimes; wanna talk about it?

Are you into digging up forgotten pieces of Wes history? Do you know secret things? Do you explore little-known, little-seen parts of campus? Is campus deconstruction second nature after you took Intro Sociology? Do you have more opinions than your friends can bear to listen to? Do u miss wen we used 2 speak LOLspeak? Do you miss yesteryear’s Wesleyan weirdness; wanna bring it back/keep it going? Do you think things just aren’t the same as they used to be? Do you want to keep up the kind of content we’ve been posting over the years? Do you have a perspective you think we’re missing, or have been neglecting lately? Are you just REALLY EXCITED TO BE HERE??

If the answer to any (or a few, or all) of the above is yes, join Wesleying! Previous blogging experience is excellent but not necessary, and all grades are welcome. All you need is Internet access, the ability to string sentences together coherently, and an interest in life at Wesleyan as it is, was, and might be.

Recruitment meeting is Friday at 4:15 pm in the Andersen meeting room (110) in Usdan.  Come meet the people behind this thing and find out all you need to know.

Date: Friday, September 11
Time: 4:15 pm
Place: Usdan 110

[EDIT: Friday afternoon]

It’s cool if you missed the interest meeting – if you’re still interested, email us at staff(at)wesleying.org with your name, class year, and a little bit about yourself and why you want to join Wesleying.

Yes, that’s a new header.

Or at least the beginnings of one. I’m still not completely happy with it, but I think this is a good time for a change.

You may notice some other small tweaks as well. Comments, suggestions, and (constructive) criticisms welcome below. If you have any other site-related comments, they’re welcome too.

New on Wesleying: Event Submission Form

To start off the school year (and continuing our lifelong mission of self-improvement), we’re rolling out some changes to Wesleying this semester.

event-submission-formFirst is a new Event Submission Form, which you can access at the top of the sidebar.

We’re glad to be your resource for on-campus happenings, but processing a heavy barrage of differently formatted event emails from week to week was not a good time for us, and unfortunately we missed posting some of your events. Our bad.

But to help us process them more efficiently this year, and so you don’t have to worry about the right submission format, there is this thing!

For your ease and ours, use this standardized form if you want an event on Wesleying this semester. Events submitted through the site will almost definitely be posted sooner than those we receive via email.

More changes to come, we’ll keep you posted.

Wesleying Contingency Plan

We’ve been having some serious bandwidth issues over the past two days, due to the massive amount of traffic we’ve been getting in response to yesterday’s events and the current situation on campus.

For future reference, if Wesleying.org doesn’t load for you anytime, check Wesleying-updates at Blogger, where new posts to this site will also be displayed.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re doing what we can. In the meantime, stay safe Wes, try to relax however you can.


Wesleying is Here to Recruit You

We’re launching the new Wesleying soon. For real. Very soon. It will be on the Internet and you will go to there instead of here.

In the meantime, we’re stepping up our game.

It’s halfway through the semester, and half of our active contributors are graduating in May. Wesleying needs some new talent.

Of ways to get involved at Wes, being a regular Wesleying blogger probably requires one of the most minimal time commitments. But it also has possibly the greatest potential to shape student discourse, provoke discussion, and keep people informed and entertained at Wesleyan.

At least, that’s the goal. We get a shit-ton of emails, and over the past year event submissions have become the vast majority of the emails we get. Don’t get us wrong, we love posting what you send in, and really appreciate that so many of you think of Wesleying when advertising events – keep them coming.

But right now there are only so many of us and the more time each of us spends posting events, the less we have to write actual content about things you care about.

So to lighten the load on us and to better serve you, the readers, we’re opening up.

If you:
a) are interested in things,
b) are literate,
c) have an insufferable need to share information, and/or
d) have an especially keen sense of what goes on at Wesleyan,
we want you!

Any combination of these qualities will suffice. But that last one will make us really, really want you, because what goes on at Wesleyan is at the core of what Wesleying is, has been, and will continue to be.

If you just recognized yourself in any of these general criteria, shoot us an email at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org and tell us a little about yourself and why you’re interested in joining Wesleying. No pressure.

We’ll be taking applicants all semester, but hope to hit the ground running with a larger blogging staff when classes start after spring break. If you’re interested, don’t wait!

Best Alternative Media Outlet Results

U.S. News and World Report’s Best Alternative Media Outlet contest is over, here are the results.

Wesleying came in third at 11.75% of the vote, to Penn State’s Onward State‘s 24.58% and Yale’s Timothy Dwight‘s 19.05%. We barely edged out Middlebury’s MiddBlog (10.3%), but pulled comfortably ahead of IvyGate, Columbia’s Bwog, Berkeley’s The Daily Clog, Mads Vassar, Gerogetown’s Saxa Speak, and Wisconsin’s Critical Badger.

Not bad, considering that Penn State is gigantic and Timothy Dwight seems to have an endearingly (if incongruously) passionate fanbase. And besides, more than a few of the competing blogs were inspired by Wesleying to begin with.

But this might have been a deciding factor: no Wesleying blogger was committed enough to this thing to whore ourselves out as Green Man from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as Mark from Onward State has promised as a concession for winning. Awesome:

New Argus Site Online

The Argus launched an impressively revamped website this week, with a fresh new layout, comment capabilities, an automated Wespeak submission form, and even a blog featuring online-only content, the aptly named Blargus.

Already the Blargus has a style column harking back to the heyday of Well Dressed Wes, an economic analyst, and a lively political debate involving campus conservative Mytheos Holt. I’m curious to see what else will come from this expansion of the non-zero-sum game of online Wesleyan media. Looks good, Argus.