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DRUNK, S0BER, H1GH: Vice Presidential Debate Liveblog

Hello. The vice presidential debates are about to start (@9). Like last week’s presidential showdown, we’re liveblogging the action. This time there’s a twist. Inspired by NYU Local’s Drunk Sober High feature, the debate will be covered by three anonymous Wesleyingers in varying states of consciousness. p-safe will be sober(ish?). gettincrunkman will be drunk. giantepgoynte will be high. Yes, really. This will be fun! Politics! Internet! Liveblog updates past the jump:

WSA Student Activities Fair Liveblog/Write for Wesleying

The WSA student activities fair is starting at 2 pm. Sign up for activities under big white tent. This will be frivolously liveblogged…

If you want to write for Wesleying, find our table (we’ll probably have a shoddily designed sign, because we forgot what pen and paper is) and help us blogbahlrbrahghlr. If you can’t make the fair (it ends at 5 pm, probably), but still want to be involved, contact staff[at]wesleyan[dot]edu. There will be a recruitment meeting this weekend, details TBA.

Click past the jump for detailed coverage of charmingly overzealous freshmen.

Procrastination Destination des Tages: Deutschland, Deutschland über alles

Ah, Germany. Savior of the eurozone; birthplace of the volcano (no, not that kind); breeder of philosophers with luxuriant facial hair (at least after the Aufhebung of this loser). Is there anything you can’t do?

Martin Kohout would presumably answer with a resounding “no” (that is, if he is indeed able to speak).

The meta-YouTube artist, whom you may remember from this post (Wesleying: so self-referential), though born in Prague, is based in Berlin and is a testament to all the wonderment of the internet/hipsterdom/the Fatherland.

Speak Your Piece: Words About Words

This week, Speak Your Piece goes meta. Checkitoutcheckitout:

This week’s episode is a tribute to creative writing, with poems about words, writing, and writers.  Featuring Corey Deither ’12, Morgan Hill ’14, Ted Bularzik ’12, Camara Awkward-Rich ’11, Davy Knittle ’11, and Nick Petrie ’12.


Middletown mayoral debate at Wesleyan

wes electionOn Tuesday, October 6, the Wesleyan Students Assembly is hosting a student-moderated on-campus debate between the candidates in Middletown’s mayoral election: two-term Republican incumbent Sebastian Giuliano, and Democratic challenger Dan Drew.

The debate will be held in the Memorial Chapel and is targeted towards the Wesleyan community, but anyone from Middletown is encouraged to attend and participate.

sebastian giulianoWesleyan is a significant part of the Middletown community, and there’s a good chance that enough Wes votes might swing the election towards either candidate. Which means that, if you plan to vote in November, you would do well to learn about what’s at stake for this town before making a decision.

Middletown elects mayors to two-year terms, so underclassmen should especially take note – your vote will help decide what the local environment is like for a lot of your time here.

dan drewFor some background, read the Argus coverage of the election so far and interviews of Sebastian Giuliano and Dan Drew.

Drew is likely to be the favorite of Wes voters: a fresh-faced Democrat who has the Internet thing down, with both a Facebook page and his own website, against a more experienced Republican. Sound familiar?

Of course, national politics is very different from local politics, and it’s important to understand what Middletown needs and what each of these guys is about instead of blindly supporting the one we’re conditioned to.

So stop by the debate on Tuesday for some civic education. Check out the Facebook event here.

Date: Tuesday, October 6
Time: 8-10 pm
Place: Memorial Chapel

Thanks to the WSA for organizing this event. Wesleying is sponsoring the debate along with the Center for Community Partnerships, Psi U, the Argus, The Middletown Eye, and The Safe and Friendly Neighborhood, so if you have any questions or issues you want either of the candidates to address, comment on this post soon and they might be raised at the debate.