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Method Magazine: General Meeting

If you’re interested in journalism/literature/photography/graphic design/music/being a part of something, Method Magazine wants you!

This Thursday, September 22nd, Method will host an open meeting in PAC 002 for all past and aspiring contributors. The meeting will discuss the theme of this year’s magazine, as well as Method’s pretty little blog.

If you weren’t able to grab a copy, check out last year’s Method Magazine here.

  • Date: Thursday, September 22nd
  • Time: 9PM
  • Place: PAC 002

Method magazine wants YOU

Alice Goldsmith ’10 (is she aware she has a family cinema?) is soliciting submissions for Method, that online blogozine that started up last spring and got an overhaul this semester.


Method Magazine wants more writers and photographers for the blog and print magazine. Also, we encourage creative submissions (doodles, art, creative writing). Email methodmagazine(at)gmail(dot)com with any questions or creative submissions.

Any online weblog-zine that names my radio cohost one of the Five Names to Know is OK by me. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with Theodore Roosevelt at this point in my life, so kudos to Alice for sending in that photo. Check out his striking resemblance to a jaguar in this picture.

Method Mag overhauled

Method-Home-ImageMethod, the Wesleyan lifestyle and culture blog/magazine formerly known as “Method Life“, has undergone a major overhaul since its inception last semester.

Now with a new site, methodmagazine.com, it seems poised to make a well-coordinated splash in the admittedly limited world of Wesleyan media.

Created by the cohort of Robert Alvarez ’11, Ivy Menderson ’11, Kendall McKinnon ’10, Alice Goldsmith ’10, Emma Drew ’10, Sofi Newmyer ’10, and Jonna Humphries ’10, Method now has a larger staff with an apparently wider scope and more consistency than last semester.

Current content includes articles on The Universe, how to meet paper deadlines, the ubiquitous-last-weekend Disfarmer exhibition, and eBay finds; a dorm room spotlight; and “Faces of the Flu“, a profile of students currently quarantined with swine flu.

Looks good! Expect a new print edition of Method Mag by the end of the semester.

Method Life, a new Wes lifestyle blog


Former Blargus style columnists Ivy Menderson and Robert Alvarez ’11 have branched off on their own with Method Life, a blog about Wesleyan student lifestyle and culture intended as an online companion to the future METHOD magazine. An excerpt from the opening post:

On the record, we are a “student lifestyle blog”–but that’s vague and somewhat reminiscent of a self-help network. Actually, if you Google “lifestyle blog” you’ll find links to websites showing how to make your own Michelle Obama cardigan look-alike (yikes) or how to find success in Canada (snorefest). While we mean no disrespect to either these sites, Canada, or our beautiful first lady, that’s just not who we are. Nor are we the Argus (or “Blargus”), Wesleying, or Well-Dressed Wes. We are a forum for informal and carefree, albeit hopefully intelligent, discussion about popular and student culture, style, art, music, and technology. Our aim is to stimulate thought, to provide perspective, and to entertain.

We hope to post at least once or twice a week initially, but as our team of columnists expands, this number could easily increase. If you are interested in contributing, please email us at lifeblog@methodmagazine.com.

So far there’s a poem by “sex columnist Smear Prudence” (ha) entitled “Ode to My Vagina“, and a brief guide to matching your outfit with your swag this spring. Let’s see where else this goes – you are now on our blogroll, Method Life.

METHOD magazine hits campus on May 1st.