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First Annual Last Concert Ever

From Mickey Capper ’13 Adam Isaacson ’13 WHATEVER YA’LL:


Packing is for losers!! So many seniors playing music TONIGHT at Eclectic cause they never will ever again! If you’re on campus, don’t miss it. If you’re off campus come back to campus for this show or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. BRING YOUR PARENTS CUZ YOU LOVE THEM!!!

10:00 pm Elvis Presley

10:05 pm Protein Stains

10:30 pm Dr. Hackensack

10:50 pm Miami Heat

11:20 pm The Japanese

12:00 am Treasure Island

12:30 am Bamenda

12:45 am Perfecto

01:15 am Adrien Feat. William

01:30 am Tonsil Hockey

01:55 am Juke Wherry???


schedule subject to change so don’t even exist anywhere other than this show from 10pm-2am

If you can’t go at all try tuning in to WESU 88.1 fm. We might be live streaming?!? [Also always a source for great freeform radio! Donate today!]

Place: Eclectic.

Miami Heat Produces Videos, Gears Up For NBA Season

Miami Heat, the spirited post-Awesomefest noise-rock act that inspired glowing consumer testimonies for its raucous debut MuHo demos last spring, now has two music videos to its name: “Shock” (featuring footage from Gleaming the Cube) and “You Said Something” (featuring footage from the Apollo Program).

Miami Heat is Zain Alam ’13, Dylan Bostick ’13, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, and Ethan Cohen ’13. Bostick recently made the vids in between straight-broin’ in Bologna on the daily. He’ll be back in the Nutmeg State soon enough, though, and Miami Heat will be back and sloppy as ever, just in time for the new NBA season. Here’s a Bandcamp link; click past the jump for video embeds.

Miami Heat Loses NBA Finals, Releases First Demos

Terrible news for Miami Heat fans, but excellent news for Miami Heat fans: the post-Awesomefest four-piece has released its debut demos, “Shock” and “You Said Something,” recorded live at Music House in April. They are dirty and lo-fi and nice. I recommend the filthy noise the lead guitar makes at 2:05 in “You Said Something.” Features members of Linus, The Parents, and The Japanese; sounds like none of the above.

‘grats to Zain Alam ’13, Dylan Bostick ’13, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, and Charlie Ellis ’13 Ethan Cohen ’13.

Insanity Weekend: Lightning Bolt at Eclectic


Birthed out of Rhode Island School of Design sometime in the ’90s, Lightning Bolt consists of Brian on (cello-tuned) bass and Brian on drums. They play fast and furious noise [rock], and they play it loud – so loud I invested in some earplugs this morning (two for a buck at the Cardinal Technology Store!). I fully expect things to get real crazy real fast, though it remains to be seen if they will generate more sweat than Static Stamina did in Malcolm X House’s basement last night.

As for the opening acts,The Japanese, who are in the running for the busiest band on campus this year (also contenders: fall semester Almonds and Elephants, Grandfather last weekend), are sharing that role with raucous punk duo The Parents, who are filling in for raucous punk quartet Miami Heat. Be there. Instead of marking shots on your arm, have someone sharpie your forehead for every bruise/sprain/hairline fracture/sickening crunch you sustain. Spoilers: You’ll get a metric shit-ton.

Content from the opening acts, a color poster, and possibly more in the mysterious land beyond the jump…

PNK@DKE – This Saturday!

It’s back. 9 punk bands. 2 stages. Round robin style. No breaks, just mayhem. Get ready for an awesome non-stop punk extravafuckingganza.
Here’s the lineup:
  • Cum Tissue (Wes)
  • The Parents (Wes)
  • Trouser Filth (Wes)
  • Honeysuck (Smith)
  • Beat the Grave (Wes)
  • 2 Ton Bug (New Haven)
  • Miami Heat (Wes)
  • White Suns (NYC)
  • Lemonpussy (Wes)
The destruction starts at 9:00 pm SHARP. It’s FREE.
Here is a video of The Creeps (RIP) playing at last year’s show.
  • Date: Saturday, April 30
  • Time: 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Place: DKE
  • Cost: Free!
  • Facebook Event: Here


Sup, Tuesday night?

That’s right kids, the rumors are true: LE1F, YOU RIGHT, MIAMI HEAT, and LEMONPUSSY are coming to Wesleyan! The show is next Tuesday, April 12 at 10:00 PM at Eclectic. Come out and blow off some steam with the seniors as they celebrate the end of thesis season.

Come out and send winter away with a Bang! Bring in the spring with what promises to be one of the biggest events of the year!