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Does Wesleyan need its own YouTube musical?

Middlebury is the latest college to receive attention for having a video paying homage to it on YouTube.  “MIDD KID” is a legitimate looking music video produced by Middlebury kids rapping about themselves and their college.  Unlike the “Why I choose Yale” video, though, it’s not intended to attract pre-frosh.  The video was completely student initiated and had no relation to the Middlebury admissions office.  In fact, Middlebury neither gave the students permission or stopped them from producing the video, saying they would have no official comment.  Watching the video clearly shows why.  The lyrics go along the lines of:

I’m a Midd Kid
I roll my jeans up high
With my Teva strap tight and my flannel so fly.

If the comments on the video are any indication, they’re getting compliments from peers at other colleges too.  So any guess on how long until we have a new video lionizing Wesleyan and its noble aspects?  Not to say that we don’t already have a significant YouTube presence, though.