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Middletown Hear More See More Exhibition

From Middletown Patch goddess Cassandra Day:

Photographic scenes of Middletown by experienced and up-and-coming local artists are featured in the “Hear More, See More” exhibition, which accompanies Wesleyan University’s Middletown Remix “Hear More, See More” festival on May 11 from 2-5 p.m.

The free opening reception is May 10 from 6 to 9 p.m. at MAC 650 Gallery, 650 Main Street, Middletown.

The show, originally called “Angles of Middletown,” is curated by Carolyn Reeves, president of the MAC 650 Artist Coop, as part of the North End Gallery Walk. The photographic tribute to Middletown features images from novices to professionals, and shows a variety of shots of the city.

Hold Yer Horses, Drunkards: Classes Not Cancelled Yet


Sources have been in contact with Middletown Patch, who just posted an article about blizzard closings and included Wesleyan classes tomorrow. The University has yet to make any announcement regarding the impending blizzard, but the Patch promptly removed Wesleyan from its list and apologized for the confusion.

In the trustworthy words of WSA Finance and Facilities Committee Chair Andrew Trexler ’14, “I’ve been in and out of the President’s Office all day and haven’t heard a peep about canceled classes. Sorry, gang.”

So keep the shot glasses and chasers in the cupboards, you winebibbers—classes are not cancelled yet. Further updates when King Roth the Righteous sends further dispatch to his kingdom. In the meantime, prepare yourselves for the Nemo memes.

Update, 10:16pm: Read after the jump to see the all-campus email the administration just sent out concerning classes tomorrow.

Middletown Patch Seeks Student Contributors

Our friend Cassandra Day over at Middletown Patch is seeking WesKids to aid in her mission of covering everything that ever happens in Middletown ever:

Middletown Patch welcomes story ideas, news tips and updates from Wesleyan student activities on campus. We’d like to incorporate more of what’s happening at Wes on our site. There are several ways to share interesting and quirky goings-on with Middletown Patch readers.

First, sign up as a Middletown Patch user.

You can blog. Already we have the super-prolific WesStuffed ladies posting about all things edible around Middletown and the Center for the Arts blogging. Here’s how.

Post events happening on campus that are open to the public. Here’s how.

Mayor Drew Thinks Bookstore Move is a Good Idea

Despite all the brouhaha over the potential Wesleyan bookstore relocation—including dissenting voices from Middletown resident Jen Alexander ’88 and Red & Black owner Ed Thorndike ’89—Mayor Dan Drew remains committed to supporting the development on economic grounds. In a press conference on Wednesday, Drew praised developer Bob Landino’s proposal as a potential job-creator in Middletown. As Middletown Patch reports:

“This will bring a $6 million influx of funds into the Middletown economy,” said Mayor Dan Drew. “It will create 30 full-time jobs in the development complex.”

Joining Drew at a press conference in council chamber of city hall were Robert A. Landino, president and CEO of Centerplan Construction; Gerry Daley, longtime chair of the Economic Development Commission; and Larry McHugh, president of the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce.

Drew also compared the model to William and Mary College (though this slab of Washington Street is at least a few blocks from Middletown’s “historic downtown”) and praised Landino’s connections to the Middletown community (read: he’s not from “New York or Boston or Chicago”):

Stolen Wesleyan Laptops Found… For Sale on Craigslist by a Middletown Resident

Not all campus crimes are committed by people on campus, kids...

Police are making headway on the case of laptops lifted from Hewitt about a month ago. From the Middletown Patch:

A 23-year-old city man charged with stealing a laptop from Wesleyan University was advertising it and many others in a Craigslist ad, police say. Christopher Aresco, 23, of Aresco Drive, was discovered with five other Macbooks, according to Middletown Police, who have been investigating a recent rash of student computer thefts.

Police arranged a set-up at the McDonalds on Washington Street that led to the man’s arrest. The MacBook Pro Aresco attempted to sell the officer matched the serial number of a laptop taken from Freeman Athletic Center on September 20th.

But what about the missing Hewitt laptops?

After officers searched his bedroom, they found five more laptops that matched the description of those stolen from Wesleyan, which Aresco told police he bought from a person, “and didn’t feel good about these,” the report indicates.

A Friendly Reminder Not to Photograph Your Hallmates in the Shower

Memo: just because we have a sexuality magazine on campus doesn’t mean your hallmates want to be covertly photographed while taking a shower. A Wesleyan sophomore learned this unfortunate lesson today and was promptly arrested, according to a Public Safety alert fresh from your inbox:

At approximately 8:30 this morning, Public Safety and Middletown Police responded to a complaint from a student that another student had covertly taken pictures of her while she was in the shower. The alleged incident took place at a student residence on High Street. As a result of the investigation, the accused student was arrested by Middletown Police and has been removed from campus pending a judicial hearing.

Both Middletown Police and Public Safety consider this an isolated incident. The University is not releasing further details in order to maintain the privacy of the individuals involved. A report will appear on the Campus Climate Log later this week.

Main Street Closed Due to Gas Leak

Update: Main Street is back open.

Happy first day of classes! Hoping to hit up Javapalooza for a post-class chill sesh? Not today. WTNH, along with Middletown Patch and other sources, is reporting that a gas leak has shut down our beloved Main Street. Here’s WTNH:

Main Street in Middletown is shut down due to a gas leak.

Officials from Yankee Gas say a construction crew accidentally broke a gas line in a business near Main and Court Streets.

Police tell News 8 several streets in the area are also closed while crews are on the scene.

The Middletown Police and Fire Departments are reportedly at the scene. We’ll update this as more rolls in. Photos via Middletown Patch.
[nggallery id=166]

Parent Complaint Hits ASHA Sexual Health Presentation

For the past fifteen years or so, members of ASHA—Wesleyan’s AIDS and Sexual Health Awareness group—have been visiting Durham’s Coginchaug High School to provide workshops on sexually transmitted diseases and complement the high school’s sexual health curriculum. Now, the program has been called into question after a single parent complaint following the group’s April 13 presentation.

“I see this as a perversion of what sex is supposed to be,” said the parent, who spoke to CT Patch on condition of anonymity. “This coming in a health class, I don’t see anything healthy about what they were taught.”

There’s more, too. According to the parent, topics in the class presentation included erotic urination and fetishes:

The parent, who asked not to be identified, said her daughter came home upset after discussion during the workshop moved to subjects such as “foot fetishes” and “urinating on your partner.”

“My daughter had no idea,” the parent said. “She was shocked, she was very upset.”

The parent, who called herself a “devout Catholic,” told Patch while she does not oppose sex education being taught in the classroom she felt the manner in which the group presented the topic was inappropriate.

ASHA members were asked not to return to the school last Tuesday; according to the high school principal, Andre Hauser, the school’s relationship with ASHA is being reevaluated:

Photos: Bank of America, Meet Wes

This past Saturday, WesKids and local protestors alike led a Middletown march against Bank of America. (The bank, that is. Not the infamous $45 Trident EP by Chilly Phoenix.) The organizers: the Community Banking Working Group of Occupy Wesleyan. The occasion: Move Your Money, a national nonprofit campaign to divest from America’s largest banks in favor of local credit unions.

As Middletown Patch tells it, the merry band of activists made their way to Main Street’s Bank of America branch, where they flooded the entrance in caution tape and foreclosure notices. As the YouTube footage testifies, a few attempted to close their own accounts in the midst of the protest:

Those attempting to close their accounts were initially refused entry and told by bank representatives to leave the property.

A statement was read condemning the bank’s funding of mountaintop removal and “careless gambling of the health of the global economy” before students marched back to campus where representatives from local credit unions were present to help students open new accounts.

The first eleven photos are via Dan Fischer ’12. The rest—including wieb$ money shot—are courtesy of Mariama Eversley ’14. Video via the MoveYourMoneyWes YouTube channel.