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Michael Roth, Protest, and Free Speech (Part 2 of 2)

This is Part 2 of a two-part article. Read the first part here.

Activism is used by Wesleyan as a means of advertisement, made into a commodity

Spring 2019 – Police Reports

Police reports from April 11th

According to Middletown Police reports, Public Safety called the police on April 11th not once, but twice, once at 9:17 AM, and again at 2:16 PM, with no actual presence from the police occurring for the first call.

Michael Roth, Protest, and Free Speech (Part 1 of 2)


Many students, myself included, feel that Roth’s advocacy and authority on free speech and campus protest do not line up in reality given his record of activity concerning these topics at Wesleyan, using his perceived advocacy to both profit himself (such as the release of a book that addresses his advocacy for his brand of free speech), as well as Wesleyan itself. Let’s take a look at his and Wesleyan’s record in recent times.

Students Arrested for Dealing Drugs

Saturday evening, Middletown police officers arrived at the Nics to investigate the existence of drugs after they were called to the scene by Public Safety. According to a piece by NBC Connecticut, the two students in question “denied having drugs or drug-related materials in the room, but when public safety said they would call police, the students handed over various items, including marijuana, a bong with marijuana residue, rolling papers and other drug-related material, police said.”

The entire incident began to unfold after Public Safety was called to the Nics sparked by two students that were found to be stealing shampoo from another resident of the dorm. Their room reportedly was a place of constant activity, with people coming in and out, raising suspicion amongst other students.

No One Really Sure What 26 Sheep, Goat Carcasses Doing in Middletown

“I don’t understand where they got it,” said Kyle Wright of Middletown. “I don’t know there’s any sheep in Middletown.”

A few weeks ago, a crew of Wesleyan students set about filming a horror movie in a foul-smelling abandoned house on River Road. Unbeknownst to them—or their director, Ethan Young ’13—the real horror lay in the black bags in the house containing entrails, fleece, and heads of 26 sheep and goats. Just another day in Middletown.

According to reports in the Courant, WSFB, and NBC Connecticut, it’s unclear how long the carcasses have been sitting at the abandoned property, but Connecticut’s Animal Control Division as well as the Department of Agriculture have been called in to investigate. The state’s veterinarian office has concluded that the bags were likely the renderings from a slaughter, which could bring about illegal dumping charges. In a video report on WFSB, a reporter nearly gags on scene while describing the putrid smell at the site:

WFSB 3 Connecticut

The news reports claim that Wesleyan students called the police to report the awful stench. NBC Connecticut suggests that the Wes kids actually discovered the carcasses. But when I contacted Ethan Young for details, that was the first he was hearing of the dead sheep.

High Rise’s Smoking Hot Water Truck Shut Down by Fire Department

“Does this mean another freezing cold shower?” Probably, yes.

The truck outside of High Rise (which has been supplying hot water for all of Junior Village) began releasing thick smoke from its smokestack earlier today. In fact, I woke up to it. In fact, I’m probably the best reporter for this job as I live on the fourth floor of High Rise in the room closest to—and—above the smoking hot water truck. Since around 11 A.M., my room has been enveloped in its asphalt-suffocating cloud.

I actually felt mildly ill and lightheaded by about 2, so I sent an email to High/Lo Rise CA Em Trambert ’14, who speedily alerted Area Coordinator Brian Nangle and Head Resident Eric Stephen ’13.

The smoke billowed on through the afternoon until around 10:45 P.M., when I got home from Olin and discovered an impressive assembly of Middletown’s finest gathered and discussing. I’ve never been so happy to see flashing red and blue.

I talked to one firefighter, who told me that the furnace had overheated and there were concerns of fire safety, as well as the heavy smoking.