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The College Bubble: A Higher Ed Round-Up

The recent news that a Wesleyan student is suing Psi  U due to rape allegations has sparked debate over the role of fraternities in sexual assault, and their presence on college campuses. Zach Schonfeld ’13 has written two in-depth articles on the matter. The first explores the history of various universities that have decided to get rid of their fraternities, and the follow-up wondering if Wesleyan will be the next to do the same.

A recent piece in The Nation explores the worrying fate of publically engaged academic intellectuals in the university system, reflecting on the recent firings of two Columbia professors.

Errors and Amends

In light of yesterday’s editorial faux pas following Occupy Wesleyan’s mock revocation of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s diploma (Hickenlooper was a member of the class of 1974), the Middletown Press has published a mea culpa, apologizing for the mistake and its implications.

Apparently, an editor at the Middletown Press “misread a student-issued press release” (presumably from the Occupy Wesleyan group on campus); the subsequent post on their website, consisting of an “edited version of that release,” contained the error in question (later picked up by the Denver Post, which has issued no such correction).

Said oversight — specifying that President Michael Roth ’78 had personally revoked Hickenlooper’s diploma (an event that David Pesci, Wesleyan’s “director of public relations and media relations,” stated was both unheard of and, perhaps, impossible) — generated a firestorm of emails from alumni and the Governor’s office itself directed at Roth. According to Pesci, Roth “did correspond with the governor about this and assured him that it was false.”

Additionally, the Middletown Press notes:

Wesleying.org, a blog devoted to life at the university, was also quick to pick up the error, as well as the use of the erroneous information by the Denver Post, and was able to post, under the headline “Ah, journalism,” screenshots of both MiddletownPress.com and DenverPost.com before those sites were updated.

Here’s to hoping I never have to do another post about this story.

Ah, Journalism


I say as much in the close of my “Occupy Wesleyan: A Retrospective” post, but since I highly doubt many of you will make it to the end, here it is again (yes, I quote myself; I’m just that meta):

An interesting case study in how a mistake can reproduce itself: the Middletown Press reported that it was the REAL MRoth who revoked Hickenlooper’s diploma–a story that was promptly picked up by the Denver Post, where it is running on the front page of the site.

Thanks to commenters “BC” and “Colorado”!

An update: the Denver Post has since altered its article to reflect the actual events.

Luckily, we have screenshots after the jump!

Update, part deux: some do-gooder has since changed Hickenlooper’s wikipedia page, citing the Middletown Press/Denver Post articles, to reflect Roth’s supposed revocation.

Again, screenshot appears after the jump.

Updat3: And, at long last, the Middletown Press story has been changed. At least they mention their correction (vs. the Denver Post, which pretends it had it right all along)…

Also, be sure to check out the respective comments sections in the above links… they’re priceless.

The Results Are In: We Have a New Mayor

Dan Drew, Mayor-elect.

Not three weeks ago, BZOD and I were frantically recording the tempestuous (…ok, more like placid) Mayoral Debate, wondering who, who might become the next mayor of Middletown?

Finally, the wait is over. Dan Drew, Democrat, proprietor of a hairdo that is one white lightning-bolt away from the bride of Frankenstein, and current Middletown City Councilman, is your new mayor. With 4,951 votes to Giuliano’s 4,310 (and Bourne’s 172)–according to unofficial counts–Dan has reason for celebration… though not for long.

His competitors, while wishing him luck, have more or less promised a sequel, with Giulano stating “at another day and another time, we will have our chance” and Bourne going full-Terminator with her “I will be back.”

[Thanks to The Middletown Press for their quick reporting]

Early Election Results: Drew Leading Over Giuliano

Your votes are being counted, dudes. So far, Democratic candidate Dan Drew seems to be taking a slight lead over incumbent Mayor Giuliano. Here’s what’s up:

Districts are beginning to report numbers, and Dan Drew appears to be winning:

District 2 – 86 for Drew, 56 for Giuliano; District 3 – 670 for Drew, 649 for Giuliano; district 6 – 238 for drew, 195 for Giuliano; District 9 – 483 for Drew, 332 for Giuliano; District 4 – 236 for Drew, 258 for Giuliano; District 5 – 244 for Drew, 344 for Giuliano; District 14 – 286 for Drew, 116 for Giuliano

Absentee ballots are showing Dan Drew with a slight lead over incumbent Mayor Sebastian Giuliano, 273 to 230.

Totals thus far:

Drew: 3,200

Giuliano: 2,945

We’ll report back soon.

[Middletown Press]

Mayorlection Watch: Mtown Press Endorses Giuliano, WesDems Dan Drew

So it continues, two days after Mayor Giuliano vows to cease all active campaigning until power is restored. (Not so, says Wes students who spotted the mayor handing out fliers in Usdan.) (Hold him to it, Washington Street. It’s gonna be a while.) Today, Middletown Press reveals its official endorsement: Giuliano, writes the local news source, “is a guy immersed in the nuts and bolts of building a better city and protecting its traditional assets.” Sure, he’s made mistakes—”failures in tactic, in tone and in transparency.” But at least he owns up to them:

Talking about who started it or who is most to blame would be as big a waste of time as debating the size of the new TV monitor in Giuliano’s office or how many local events his opponent has attended. We are endorsing Sebastian Giuliano for a fourth two-year term as mayor in Middletown because his knowledge of and dedication to the city is without question.

So there’s a caveat:

We endorse the re-election of Sebastian Giuliano on Nov. 8, but in doing so urge him to draw upon the “long view” of Middletown that makes him a good mayor.

29 Pounds of Weed Seized in MTown Mail Package

Whatup, Middletown?

You’ve been gone, but Giant Joint’s alive and well in town: the Middletown Police Street Crime Unit found and seized 29 pounds of marijuana (above, actual image) addressed to a Middletown resident earlier this week, reports the Middletown Press. Details are still a bit hazy, but no doubt MPD can blaze through the investigation:

Detectives were advised that four boxes from a commercial shipping service were addressed to Roosevelt Freeman, 14 Traverse Square, Middletown, and possibly contained a large amount of marijuana. Two of the boxes remained at the shipping facilities annex in Louisville, Ky., which contained approximately 27.5 pounds of marijuana. The other two boxes (containing the 29 pounds) were allowed to continue on to their shipping destination, police said.

[ . . . ] Johnnie Mae Mitchell and Theodore Roosevelt Freeman were both arrested and charged with possession of more than 4 ounces of marijuana, possession with intent to sell over one kilo of marijuana, and possession of marijuana with intent to sell within a public housing project. They were both released after posting $25,000 bonds.

[Middletown Press]