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European Society’s Bake Sale


Louise de Verteuil ’16 and the European Society want to sell you delicious treats:

Forget about midterms and eat your way to happiness with our homemade baked goods this Thursday at Usdan! All proceeds will go to Desmos, a Greek non-profit that works towards combatting poverty in Greece. Look at what they do here: http://desmos.org/en/. Hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, March 6th
Time: 11am-1pm
Place: Usdan, downstairs!
Usdan: 1-2 dollahhs a treat

Free WesBAM! Relaxation in the Spirit of Midterms

A detox brought to you by the incredible WesBAM! instructor Isabel Fine ’17:

Woman meditating on the beach at sunset.

Midterms bumming you out? Does your body ache from hunching over that paper all week long? Come cheer up and sun salutation yourself into relaxation with WesBAM.

Stretch, move, groove, breathe, laugh, and detox this Saturday (3/1) in Fayerweather Dance Room from 5-6 with yoginis Anya Morgan ’14, Jonathan Sung ’14 and Isabel Fine ’17.

This event is FREE so come one, come all. Bring your housemate! Bring your frenemy!

Date: Saturday, March 1
Time: 5PM – 6PM
Place: Fayerweather Dance

Mid-Semester Procrastination Destination; Betty’s Instructional Dance Video

We got a few tips in our tipbox about this, and also an e-mail from junior “Betty” who composed this song and video. Ze would like to remain anonymous for now, and is using this mesmerizing/weird video to promote hir upcoming EP. Here’s the shout out, Betty! Maybe this will become the new ironic dance move at our school.

Also, I am taking this opportunity to post some more links; it’s a mid-semester Procrastination Destination! I’m not the biggest proponent of Internet procrastination, but since you’re doing it anyway, here are some links:

Calming Manatee – pictures of manatees and supportive phrases
The Artist is Here – a video game version of a Marina Abramovic piece
Let’s Play Ancient Greek Punishment –  for masochists and/or people who liked the Odyssey
Bad kid jokes – What is the secret ingrediant of a toilot?
Garfield Minus Garfield – surreal and hilarious
AOLer Translator – This program turns “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” into “THEIR R MORE THNGS IN HAAEVN AND AARTH HORATIO THAN R DREMT OF IN UR PHILOSOPHY11!!! WTF” w00t. 

W’Escrime Grilled Cheese Fundraiser

As if midterms weren’t already gooey and delicious by nature, Ben Forde ’16 and the mysterious “Sarah” want to amp up your dairy intake:

It’s Sunday night before midterms. Wouldn’t your studying be improved by a grilled cheese sandwich? GOOD NEWS. W’Escrime: The Wesleyan Fencing Club is delivering grilled cheeses everywhere across campus! Text (248) 270-5941 or email grilledcheesefencing(at)gmail(dot)com to order, or come to Hewitt 8 and pick one up yourself.

Good luck!

Date: Sunday, October 7
Time: 8 am-1 am
Place: Wherever you are or Hewitt 8
Cost: Classic $3, Deluxe Tomato-Mozarella $4
Grilled: Cheese

Exam Taking Workshop Tonight

Have you ever freaked out during an exam? Gone blank? Ran out of time? Just don’t like taking them?

Then here’s an event for you: tonight, Greer Dent ’12 will be hosting an Exam Taking Workshop so you can ace those upcoming midterms like you’ve never aced them before!

  • What: Exam Taking workshop
  • When: TONIGHT at 7pm
  • Where: Allbritton 304
  • Who’s hosting: the Peer Advisors

Farmers’ Market, Midterms Style

Midterms got you down? Skipping lunch to cram for that last exam before the freedom of Fall Break? Whether you’re already basically on break or still tryna bang out that last paper, swing by the farmers’ market tomorrow in Beckham. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., as usual. Bon Appetit will be serving up a mouthwateringly succulent (yup, went there) lunch, and the following vendors will be present to get you through the week:

Chaplin Farms
Horse Listeners Orchard
Shoreline Roasters
Linda’s Sweet Memories Back Shoppe

Not to mention that I won’t be the only sweet Melody at the market, as Howe and Sam will be setting the mood with their beautiful harmonies.

TIME: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Procrastination Destination: Cheese or Font?

Good morning Wesleyan, and good luck with midterms! Here is a mid-semester procrastination destination I am enjoying as I actually eat (gasp) breakfast this morning: Cheese or Font?

It’s very simple: is Helvetica a cheese or a font? Now…what about Acanthus? Or Kenafa? Or the surprisingly conventional-sounding…Finn?

I can't think of any alt-texts that aren't totally cheesy...

And just in case you’re too set on becoming a font of knowledge on this topic, the website’s creators have helpfully also created Monotask (to be launched soon), to help you feta get a move on with your work and brie be focused. Hang in there, fall break’s just round the corner!

Five Totally Underrated Weshop Treasures

It’s midterm season. Procrastination’s at an all-time high. The Olin Candy Fairy’s nowhere to be found. You’re holed up in Olin for hours and hours on end. Maybe SciLi, if you’re into that.

Your only solace? Weshop runs. Stalking the cheese fridge. Defacing the suggestion board. Rumbling through the candy bins. Seeking nutrients, fuel, nourishment, control.

We at Wesleying are not above procrastination. That’s why I’ve compiled a brief list of some recommended Weshop items that never get the recognition they deserve, perfect for midterm-cramming-nourishment. Ch-ch-check it out.

Mocon Gets a Flash Party

Last night the student body kicked off some pre-midterms stress with an awesome flash party at Mocon.  It was very short-lived – Psafe quickly busted the party – but definitely the event of the weekend.  The party brought to mind other spontaneous celebrations like last year’s Exley flash party.  From my (possibly incorrect) perspective, members of the senior class received texts to arrive at Mocon at 11:30, and the word spread to the rest of the student body.  It was one of the those rare nights (recalling maybe Fountain’s golden days? or Election 2008?) where it felt like felt like the campus was united somehow – with the illicit nature of a tomb party but without the exclusivity.

Arriving in Mocon last night reminded me of what a treasure we are losing.  Since I had only been to Mocon as a prefrosh and it was out of view in the back of Foss Hill, I had a tendency to forget about Mocon except for the yearly, crowded Waste Not sales.  I think a lot of the exuberance of the event was from the site itself – which converted nicely into a dancing space. The event was also an example of that ambiguous “Keep Wesleyan Weird” sentiment – an awesome event that would only happen at Wesleyan (and is less controversial and silly than chalking.)

So good job seniors – Mocon has had at least one worthy send-off.  If you haven’t already, join the Save Mocon facebook group.  Alums, trustees, someone – please save Mocon!  Last night showed that the student body does have a connection to the buildingcall it sentimentality, if you will – and the building has too many memories and architectural beauty to just demolish.

Speculate and share your thoughts in the comments.  Dear readers, if any of you have PHOTOS of the event, please email them to staff@wesleying.org.