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Local Round-Up: ACA Outreach and the New Minimum Wage

The deadline for enrollment in health insurance under the Affordable Care Act is March 31, and members of the Wesleyan Young Advocates have been working tirelessly since September 2013 to ensure that Middletown residents have the information and resources necessary to enroll. WYA and the Community Health Center are hosting an ACA Celebration Brunch to recognize contributions toward CT enrollment on Saturday March 29 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at the CHC (675 Main Street), and then they will distribute information materials to businesses in New Britain until 3 pm. Shuttles will be provided from Usdan until 11:30, and volunteers do not need extensive knowledge of the ACA in order to participate. For more information, contact Marshal Lawler ’16 at plawler[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and Sagar Parekh at ParekhS[at]chc1[dot]com

Local Round-Up: Obama, Artists & Cougars Visit CT

Middletown Public Schools Art Exhibition

If you’re on or near campus for break, now is a great time to check out the various cultural venues around town. The Buttonwood Tree’s calendar is well-stocked with music and art shows – such as the ongoing “Through Her Eyes” Collective Women’s Art Show and the Sean Clapis concert on March 15 – in addition to free yoga and a Poetry Potluck. You can also support the city’s budding artists by touring the Middletown Public Schools Art Exhibition at the CFA’s Zilkha Gallery before Sunday March 16. If you’re looking to impress someone after break with a few new dance moves, Vinnie’s Jump and Jive offers everything from Ballroom to B-Boy/B-Girl.

mountain lion (or a bobcat or some other beautiful, terrifying creature) has been spotted in Durham! This is particularly surprising since mountain lions haven’t been native to Connecticut for at least a century, although one expert suspects that Canadian cougars could be traveling south to feast on the area’s booming deer population. Be extra wary of strange sounds in and around your house at night because, for once, it might be something worse than your drunken roommate rummaging through the fridge.

In much more upsetting news, a Middletown resident had her car vandalized with a racial slur for a third time since November this Monday. Removing the spray paint has cost Ms. Perry thousands of dollars, and she is particularly upset that her children, ages 8, 9, and 15, have had such an appalling introduction to the neighborhood. 

Local Round-Up: Stories from Middletown and Beyond


With our own politics, concerts, and grocery store, Wesleyan may feel like a fairly complete ecosystem that leaves little cause for crossing Broad Street or Wash. It can be easy to forget not only that there’s a world beyond campus borders but also that there are exciting affairs and good people right here in Central Connecticut. Thus on behalf of MidWes (the Middletown Relations Committee), I’ll be popping that Wesleyan bubble with a bi-weekly dose of local news and events. Has it been a while since you befriended a Nutmegger, thought about city and state politics, or drank real coffee? Stay tuned for more reminders as to why you should know and maybe even love your neighbors.

  • The Connecticut General Assembly is discussing a bill that addresses various felonies committed with drones, which would require the state’s Department of Transportation to develop regulations regarding unmanned aircraft. Drones will transform rescue missions and the shipping industry but lawmakers worry over the threat they pose to public safety and privacy. The future is an awesome and terrifying place.
  • Connecticut House Republican Leader Larry Cafero has requested a public hearing where anyone could share thoughts and suggestions on the controversial Common Core State Standards Initiative  If you have strong feelings about curriculum changes and teacher evaluation standards, keep your eyes out for opportunities to address the state’s Education Committee, who has not yet raised a single bill regarding Common Core, despite widespread criticism.

Middletown-Wesleyan Relations Summit

Midwes Summit PosterGiven recent discussions about Wesleyan’s relationship with the Middletown community, the WSA’s Middletown Wesleyan Relations Committee (known as “MidWes”) is inviting students to the Middletown-Wesleyan Relationship Student Summit, happening this Saturday April 27th from 1-3 PM in Albritton 311:

The summit will be an interactive and collaborative meeting between students who have been involved in Middletown (or who have an interest in doing so) and the members of the WSA’s Wesleyan-Middletown Relations Committee, known as “MidWes.” A primary goal of this gathering is to find ways to strengthen the town-university relationship, namely by fostering more collaboration among students who are involved in the Middletown community.

As an added bonus, there will be free and delicious vegetarian food from Udupi, a local southeast Indian restaurant, and the summit will end in time to celebrate Holi on Foss Hill!

More information after the jump, or send an email to gdegolia[at]wes.

Middletown Potluck Meeting

Is this politically correct?

Righteous dudes Ari Ebstein ’16 and Bulelani “Jills” Jili ’16 write in with news of a new student group seeking to forge new bonds and strengthen existing relationships between Weskids and Middletown residents. Interested? Peep the following:

come to our first meeting, we’re trying to not suck
rather bring all together with community pot lucks
pot stickers, pot pies, pot brownies and more!
we’ll welcome one and all with an open front door
Middletown Potlucks is a group dedicated to organizing potluck dinners between Wesleyan students and Middletown residents. With the goal of creating community one dish at a time, we seek to develop meaningful relationships with our neighbors over common meals and shared stories. Tired of learning about social justice and diversity solely in the classroom? Then come to our first meeting and help us get this ball rolling. We’re a new group, so we need all the volunteers and energy we can. See you there! :)

Date: Tomorrow, February 12
Time: 9 pm
Place: 200 Church
Cost: Free your mind and your ass will follow